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How to download torrents on – its easy to download movies, music, software, games and other torrents on BTJunkie!

How to download torrents on
Here's how to use correctly and safely to download music, movies and more and not get caught downloading torrents!

At almost every forum I am a member of I am always seeing questions from people that are confused on how to download music and movies from torrent downloading websites. It is n’t really that hard and there is no real secret to it. You just find the torrent you want first – whether it be a movie, a mp3 song, a picture or a book.

Then you click on the link for that specific torrent and it will take you to a page where you can download from. On that page you will see in big blue words Download Torrent – it will be in bold. What you do next is to right click on those words and then copy link address. You can just click on it and go straight through with downloading but let me warn you against doing that.

In most cases, unless you have some anonymous torrent downloading software installed it will take you to a generic download software like Bittorrent. This software runs wide open so that all the world can easily see and read your IP address. If you do this you can pretty much assure yourself that you will shortly be on the receiving end of a letter from some law firm wanting you to pay x amount of dollars for illegal pirating and downloading.

So, what to do? You must first install a anonymous VPN (Virtual Private Network). This ensures that no one can see what you are doing online like downloading movies, music and more. Then you need to use an anonymous bitorrent client which will give you complete anonymity to the point where no one knows you even exist. If I can suggest a VPN I would say to definitely go with as there’s is cheap and goof proof.

Most VPNs are too complicated for the average Joe and the problem is that if it isn’t configured and used exactly correctly then it is completely ineffective and you will be back to square one where all the world can see you and everything you do – definitely not what I would want if I were downloading movies and music online. TorrentPrivacy makes it so easy and goofproof and it costs almost nothing – definitely the way I would go.

Now back to BTJunkie – You right click on the words Download Torrent and then select copy link address. Then open your VPN (if you use TorrentPrivacy you just click on the TorrentPrivacy logo on your computer) and then click or select add torrent from url. Then it will verify the torrent address and pull up its contents. You select okay and it will add it to your list of torrents to download.

One word of advice is to be sure and check the number of seeders versus leechers. Seeders are people with the torrent that you desire available for download. Leechers are those, like yourself, that wish to download it. If there are too many leechers it may take a while to download the torrent. Also if there are few seeders it could be a while before it even starts. Try and stick with recent torrents and those with high ratios of seeders to leechers. This will better ensure that you get your torrents downloaded quickly and easily.

And one last time, please be careful when downloading torrents online. No one needs to get a scary letter demanding thousands of dollars from some lawyers claiming to represent the copyright owners of the materials you downloaded. Be sure and protect yourself by getting a VPN. If you do not currently have a VPN or have one that you can’t figure out then by all means go and check out TorrentPrivacy at Their VPN is the easiest to use and the best part is it is goof proof. Anyone can easily set it up and be using it right away.

So have fun downloading and please, please remember to use protection when downloading torrents online and use a VPN.

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  1. So…how do i download games from btjunkie…everytime i click to download it opens in VLC media player, but when i download movies it works fine…

  2. Interesting shit there compadre. I am looking to download a working version of the newest Microsoft Office – anyone got a tip on where to find one that works or has a working crack for it?

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