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How to get rid of pesky solicitors!

no soliciting sign

Do you suffer from annoying solicitors and scam artists selling their wares and ringing your doorbell relentlessly? It doesn’t matter if its salesmen for ADT (they used to bug me so bad with telemarketing calls that I had to change my phone number), the guys doing roof work on the house 4 doors down, people doing fundraising, church idiots (the Jehovas Witnesses are some of the worst at this – they think that they can lose their salvation if they don’t do their part and harass the crap out of everyone else to join their church scam), etc… Do you wish they would stop bugging you?

Well, a reader of ours sent us an email where they copied some forwarded replies and parts of another conversation and they will tell you exactly how to end these scumbags from interrupting your quiet and private time. So, here are the ideas:

Answer them with this when they come to your door, “It’s nothing against you or your products, ideas, etc. that you are selling or soliciting for, but my policy is to call the police for each and every solicitor that rings my doorbell. And I will do this as soon as I close the door. Have a nice day.” Then close the door. They will high tail it out of the neighborhood and mark you down as a house/neighborhood to avoid because the police will want to see their huckster license (this is required of all solicitors in North Carolina from every county and it even applies to all contractors and subcontractors that are working on a neighbor’s house – they need a hucksters license to go door to door selling anything – its the law). Not having a local huckster’s license is a huge fine and a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail for the first infraction. A huckster’s license can be obtained from the Mecklenburg County office building downtown. Under the huckster’s license anyone the huckster sells to has a right to rescind for 3 days. This includes the overpriced Kirby vacuum cleaners and anything else. Besides, if they call themselves dirtbusters don’t ever let them in – they are Kirby vacuum cleaner people and will try all sorts of sleezy tactics to sell you an extremely overpriced vacuum cleaner. J.T.

I don’t think it matters where it is. It is up to each of us to enforce it. A sign has no real power and to these solicitors shows a potential new, and unsolicited area – opportunity. If, instead, each one of us told each and every solicitor we were reporting them to the police the message would get out to other solicitors – stay out of Wyndham Place… But we have to continuously do this. Ever since I started telling solicitors that I report all solicitors to the police the number of them coming to my door dropped to almost zero. You can also ask them for their hucksters license. If they don’t have one or won’t show it to you then they are breaking the law. Take their info and report them. If enough of us would do this it would greatly reduce the number of times these solicitors visit our community.

In the first message they are talking about local laws in North Carolina and, in particular, the city of Charlotte and the rest of Mecklenburg county. I looked into this a little and most areas have local huckster or peddling laws which apply. This is to keep track of peddlers and to quickly track down and arrest or sanction unscrupulous scam artists taking advantage of residents of the community. Here, in Charlotte, NC these laws were enacted out of the frustration the local municipalities had in dealing with unscrupulous salesmen that were taking advantage of the elderly.

By placing these laws and licensing requirements it makes it very easy to levy fines or even imprison those that are out there trying to rip people off. Most states and local laws also favor the 3 day recision clause. This means that is anyone comes onto your property to sell you anything at all that you have 3 days to think it over and can cancel and get a complete refund at any time within those 3 days regardless of what the salesmen says or what you may have signed (warranties, as – is, no guarantee, etc…)

The second letter has some reference to placement of a non-soliciting sign. These signs do not work. Salespeople and peddlers do see these signs as opportunities or areas where other, less daring salespeople may not have gone – so it is fresh turf. You need to go beyond this and take steps yourself. I like the general idea of telling everyone that comes to your door in an unwelcome manner (anyone trying to sell you anything) that you will be reporting them to the police.

First, however, try and get some identifying information from them. For if you do this after informing them you will be calling the police they will not be very willing to give you any info and will just leave. Get their name, company name, address and phone number. With this information you can better keep track of these solicitors. You can also report them to the police so they can track them and pursue or arrest them as necessary. Then make sure you do report them.

I have found that the above messages work and pretty much all solicitors will flee when told you, as a policy, report all unwelcome solicitors to the police and guess what? They don’t come back to your neighborhood! Keep doing this and you are right, the solicitors will stay away, far away from your neighborhood and especially your house. So, you don’t need to put up with these unwanted, harassing solicitors hawking crap like extremely over priced vacuum cleaners (Kirby) and other stuff you don’t need, don’t want and don’t have time for.

Thanks J.T. for the excellent tip.

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