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How to juice green vegetables for your health

Juicing leafy green vegtables will change your health and life!
Juicing leafy green vegetables will change your health and life!

Juicing has been around since the 1970s.  But primarily it was about juicing fruits and tasty vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, apples and related fruits and vegetables that are good for you but not anywhere near as good as the ones about to mention.

You can’t compare celery, for instance, to spinach, kale or wheat grass.  Spinach, kale and wheat grass have all been labeled as super foods due to their high levels of nutrition including vitamins and minerals.  Now you probably didn’t know and I didn’t know until I started researching juicing, is the fact that when you eat vegetables you’re only digesting 10% to 20% of the material the rest gets excreted out and is just fiber.

Now you need fiber in your diet to cleans you colon and your small intestine.  But the problem there lies in the fact that upwards of 80 or 90% of the nutrient value of the vegetables that we eat is not absorbed by our bodies when we eat them in whole form like in salads or when we cook with them.  Actually cook with them we get even less because we oxidize and cook off many of the essential vitamins and minerals.

But did you know that with juicing you’re not getting only 10 or 20%.  Instead you’re getting upwards of 90% or more of the nutrient value of the material you’re ingesting.  That’s a massive difference.  So what that means is when you drink a cup of 10 ounces or so of spinach juice or similar you’re actually getting the amount of nutrients that you would out of probably around 20 servings of vegetables or more.

That’s a huge difference.  Now some ingredients like wheat grass have been proven in experiment after experiment to cure all sorts of diseases in the human body that are related to bad diet.  And what’s interesting is the vast majority of the diseases that we face in America, Great Britain and other modernized countries, are related for the most part to our diet.

Fast food is terrible for you.  Greasy foods, fried food, processed foods, red meat have all been directly linked to causing hormonal receptor positive cancers (the worst and most aggressive cancers out there).  They’ve also been directly linked to heart disease and diabetes.  Nowhere is spinach, kale or juiced wheat grass link to any diseases other than the fact that they might actually reverse some of these diseases and make people healthier in the long run.  For more on this please go to Netflix or Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime or You Tube and search for documentaries about juicing vegetables, juicing wheat grass, the American diet and topics like that.  What you see will change your mind forever as people today are eating themselves to death and high health care costs.

So now that you can see how important it is to juice vegetables because it makes it much easier to get all the nutrient value you want out of them let’s discuss how you go about doing this.  There are two main types of vegetables:

1. Organically grown vegetables

2. In organically grown vegetables

The difference here is one is grown without the use of pesticides and/or the use of waste byproducts.  The other one is not.  If it doesn’t say organic on it assume there are pesticides on and inside the vegetables.  The reason why say inside is most pesticides when sprayed to a plant are taken up through the roots and remain inside the plant and the vegetables throughout their life.  This means that if you eat these vegetables even after washing them you will still be getting some of those pesticides in your system.  Those pesticides are directly linked to cancer and other terrible diseases.  So you do want to try and avoid inorganic vegetables.

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Now, however, you can use a slow gear juicer which extracts the vegetable juice by means of pressure and slow turning gears to extract vegetable juice without getting the pesticides.  These juicers tend to cost in the range of $200-$300.  But if you’re going to use inorganic vegetables you need to be using a slow gear juicer.  Do not use a cheap high speed juicer for inorganic vegetables.

For organic vegetables what you can use pretty much any juicer that you want.  You don’t have to worry about the pesticides coming through into the food you’re drinking and eating.  The best place to start for looking for a juicer is on Amazon.  Be sure and look at the ratings and user reviews and try and stick to those items that have many reviews not one or two of them.

Once you’ve bought a juicer and you have the vegetables that you want to use you’re going to learn to experiment as to what tastes better for you. My recommendation is that you start with a base of the best greens – spinach, turnip greens, kale and wheat grass.  The first three of these are very inexpensive to purchase in bulk quantities at places like Walmart, BJs, etc…  Wheat grass tends to be a little harder to find and I found it myself easier to just grow it. The best place to buy the seeds for regress at the best price is the Patel Brothers Indian grocery stores.  You can get a 1 pound bag for three dollars and these seeds pretty much all grow.

I have bought wheatgrass seeds through the Internet that are supposed to be organic and from the best places out there and have had only marginal success in them growing.  The best growing seeds I have ever found for wheat grass are from the Patel Brothers Indian grocery store.

So, now you take those greens and intermixed with them something like carrots cucumbers, maybe beets or celery.  These are high water content vegetables and they will help to break up the much drier we can material from the greens like spinach, kale and especially wheat grass.  If you are using wheat grass you may find that it is very hard on your juicer depending on what kind of juicer that you have, and you may find it easier to first use a food processor to finally chop it up and/or mix it
with some higher water content vegetables so it processes into juice easier and quicker.

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From there you’ll find many recipes for different kinds of juices on the Internet, but as long as you stick with the best leafy green vegetables out there you will get all the nutrients that your body could ever want.  You will find that you will lose weight over time because you’re placing low quality foods with extremely high quality foods.  You will see yourself start to feel better.  Your mind will be clearer and I’ve actually myself witnessed others that when they start vegetable juicing of extremely healthy leafy green vegetables (especially wheat grass) that many diseases like diabetes and cancer actually become a past time.

I’ve actually seen people by changing their diet reduce their tumor growths, become cured of cancer, lose weight, get off of many unnecessary prescription drugs, look healthier and feel healthier – they’ve changed their lives!  Could you imagine what would happen if everyone were to drink a glass of fresh juiced green leafy vegetables everyday?  It would curb their appetite so that they wouldn’t eat as much junk food as they normally would.  It would cause less people to be depressed, obese, unhealthy and it would dramatically reduce healthcare costs.

Big Pharma and big medicine don’t want you know this. This is why they produce their own magazines and their own websites sponsored by and paid for by big pharma and big medicine (Carolinas Healthcare System – the largest and most profitable hospital chain in the United States) to do people into believing that their doctors and their prescribed medications are the best thing for them.  This is wrong. In most cases a change in diet will bring about massive change in a person’s health, well-being and overall happiness.

Please take the time to watch the documentaries you will find on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and You Tube about the American diet, vegetables, juicing vegetables and your health.  Here are a few to get you started:

1. Forks over Knives
3. Vegucation
4. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
5. TED (The TED speaking series has some great lectures by noted doctors that will educate you on the current food industry and why the American diet, fast food, etc… is so bad.)

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