How to make green dragon – a awesome THC laden drink that will make you feel great!

How to make THC alcohol (aka Green Dragon) from your left over weed, leaves and shake
How to make THC alcohol (aka Green Dragon) from your left over weed, leaves and shake

A lot of people have been asking me about this lately – how to make a great drink from their left over marijuana. You know, the stuff that sits at the bottom of your bag. It’s loose shake and it doesn’t make for a great joint or anything. But did you know it can make an awesome THC laced drink?

Making alcoholic drinks out of marijuana is nothing new and has been around for ages. Everyone knows alcohol can’t be beat at extracting juices and flavors when cooking. Well this same idea applies to marijuana. Did you know that the leafy material and stems of any marijuana plant also have THC, but just at much lower percentages? This is true.

So, why waste this material. You can’t smoke it – smoking leaves is really rough and you would have to literally smoke a tree to get high. Instead take all the bad shake, leaves and stems sans the seeds (the seeds have carcinogenic and poisonous compounds that leach out when doing an alcohol extraction) and get a grinder.

Close up picture of Green Dragon drink made from 150 proof Everclear
Close up picture of Green Dragon drink made from 150 proof Everclear

Any grinder will work. You can also use a Cuisinart or similar chopping machine. I would use the same machine and get a cheap one because it is easier that way – it is a pain to clean the machine completely after shredding pot leaves and stem matter in it. I would just buy a cheap one at Walmart or better yet get one even cheaper at TJ Maxx or Marshalls if you can find one there (they are usually $5 or under at Marshalls in the kitchen section).

Close up picture of Green Dragon drink made from 80 proof clear rum
Close up picture of Green Dragon drink made from 80 proof clear rum - not very green is it?

Once you have all this plant material shredded up good, get a mason jar or two and fill with strong alcohol. You will find that 150+ proof (75%+) alcohol works best. You can use lower strength alcohol or liquor, but it won’t absorb all the THC (much will get wasted) and it will take far longer for this process to work.

Picture of different strengths alcohol for THC extraction
Here is a picture showing the difference when different strength alcohols are used. The glass on the left was done with 150 proof Everclear. The glass on the right with 80 proof clear rum. The one on the left has far more THC in it.

Generally, if you use a strong alcohol like Everclear (available in both 150 and 180 proof – around here you get the best price at Froogal MacDoogal right next to Carowinds) you will get a dark green liquid in about 1 week loaded with THC. If you use a lower strength alcohol, like 80 proof clear rum, you will end up with a gold colored drink that looks like tequila and doesn’t have anywhere near the strength you will want. I mean it is better then nothing, but you are probably going to need to drink 4 or 5 times more to get the same feeling and effect.

It is important that you let it sit for 2 weeks if possible as THC is still being drawn out and extracted by the alcohol. After 2 weeks it isn’t going to get noticeably stronger. The resultant drink will be dark green in color and will be very high in THC content. This drink is commonly referred to as green dragon. So next time you have some extra leafy material, bad shake or bud that is getting old or stale turn it into a great incognito drink.

The drink can be used for cooking and you can also add it to all sorts of mixed drinks to get a much better feeling then you would with just alcohol by itself. I have taken this strong THC alcohol drink with me to many sports games, concerts and more. It is easy to get by security in a small flask and you can’t smoke pot at a game – you will get caught. But you can drink it – take a flask of green dragon and have a truly great time.

Just be sure to not drink and drive – I hate drunk drivers. Always have a designated driver. And while you are at it be sure and tell your local and state representatives that you want legal medical marijuana in North Carolina. They won’t do it if you don’t do your part and tell them you want this passed soon.

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