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How to program your thermostat

How to program your thermostat

I have rental houses and it found that these programmable thermostats can be quite annoying unless you have the manuals.  They have so many different modes on them.  They have sleep mode, awake mode, wake mode, away mode, temp mode, etc… Each of these modes can be set to a certain temperature.  For someone inexperienced with these programmable thermostats this can be really quite annoying if you have the wrong setting or temperature set for one or any of these modes.

It could be the difference between your occasional working and not working.  Then to make it worse if you have rental houses and have different programmable thermostats each one it can be very annoying to figure out or reset all the settings.  Many HVAC companies don’t even want to go out to work on a thermostat that they don’t service or install.  They’ll just charge you for the trip out to your house and not fix anything until you they can’t fix it.

This is why at rental houses I don’t put programmable thermostats in.  I don’t even have them at my house because they’re so annoying.  The other problem is they have a battery in them in case the house loses power to the settings don’t get lost, but the battery doesn’t last forever and I’ve seen it when the settings do get lost due to a bad battery.  Then you have to go in and reset everything all over again.

The only reason why I have programmable thermostats at some of my rental houses is because the renters in some cases have decided to install them without telling me. Then they conveniently deny that they had in new with it and that it was there beforehand. You have to pick and choose your battles with your renters. Do you want to argue with them over a programmable thermostat or not? I know why the install them they’re just trying to save money and I can understand that.

I found a great video that someone put up on YouTube that explains exactly step-by-step how to set or reset a programmable thermostat. This is done on a Honeywell programmable thermostat, but the ideas from it I have found can work on virtually any programmable thermostat. It actually takes you in six minutes step-by-step to every mode and setting on the thermostat.

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Once you follow this you will have the thermostat set to how you want for days of the week, weekends, certain times of the day like when you are away at work, or even on vacations. You can also even change the kick in time period (1 minute to 5 minutes or more). Once program correctly you will have everything the exact way you want and you can utilize this to save money on your energy bills during the hot months of summer.

And if are a landlord like me you will have less phone calls from your renters that the AC does not work. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to set it correctly and then it basically is set it and forget it. Here’s the video for ease of reference.

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