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How to properly handle delinquent and misbehaving juveniles and youths in your neighborhood.

How to properly handle delinquent and misbehaving juveniles and youths in your neighborhood.
If you want to know how to handle and stop delinquent juveniles then you need to read this!

We have had a few unfortunate problems in our neighborhood with delinquent youths and teenagers roving around in little gangs and being disrespectful and mischievous. The HOA board didn’t know what to do and so they asked me because I have had to deal with it several times in the past and it resolved well in all the circumstances (some took longer then others).

So, I’m going to tell you what I did and do today to head these things off. First, be careful – delinquent juveniles in their little groups will act tough and do stupid things because they think it makes them look tough. They hear songs and music from rappers like Rick Ross that flout the thug and gangster lifestyle. They glamorize this lifestyle to these misguided and easily mislead children or teenagers.

If you are afraid of retribution go straight to the police – do not get yourself involved. Especially if you are a single parent. These things can escalate quickly and the youths (especially the older teenage ones) will try and seek revenge. They will try to scare you and may target your house for some vandalism (broken windows, spray paint, possibly even a break in and robbery if they are really deviant or have deviant friends – which you have to assume they do).

I am a never step down from a confrontation person and got directly involved with the deviants in my neighborhood (I do not recommend this, but I did also notify the police every time so everything was recorded in police reports and the police knew all the teenagers involved – this I do recommend).

The instance in question here was that some juveniles thought it was funny a few years back to throw rocks and break windows on a neighbors house several houses down the street. This was bad and angered me as this neighbor was a good, hard working person that was having a hard time making it by. They were a hard worker and their wife got sick and lost her job at the start of this recession and they were doing all they could to keep food on the table, a roof overhead, etc…

So, they didn’t need this. I happened to see the broken windows and heard the glass shatter. I ran to see what was going on and saw the delinquent teenagers run away from the house. I followed them to one of their houses where they confronted me and told me they knew who I was and that if I didn’t leave and get lost I was going to get hurt and my house was going to be next.

This was typical threats from teenage delinquents. I went home and called the police to report what had happened. The police came out about an hour or two later and talked to me at my house. They then asked me to go down to the one juvenile’s house to identify him. I did this and found there was 5 more police cars down there. The juvenile quickly turned on his buddies and gave the names of all the violators to the police.

Do not confront parents you don’t know about their children

The parents, of course, tried to back up their sons and said I was racist and was racially targeting their kids – yeah, right – their kids decided to throw rocks and break glass windows on the front side of a black persons house and I was reporting them for doing it – how is that racist? Anyways, this is what you will run into with parents – don’t confront the parents without the police – ever (unless you have a very good relationship with the parents – then that is different).

Even if you know who it is the parents will stand up for their children. You cannot take it up with the parents – the police can. Will the police get involved and what can they do? I don’t know. It depends upon the officer and their length of employment and care for the community. Some will get involved and others will tell you there is nothing they can do. Best is to record it on video – that is why we have that little black camera – get it on there and then there is no denying it. But then it can take a while to figure out placement, angle, where the kids are likely to be, etc… The best bet is still to report it by calling 311 (especially if it just happened and the kids are nearby). If you keep doing this they will eventually do something.

So, the lesson here is get the police involved. This will get the parents on board. If they don’t want to get on board and the juveniles keep misbehaving then keep calling the police and reporting it. Eventually the police and the pressure will make them up and leave or change. Stand up for your rights. Don’t let juveniles threaten you or ruin your life. Call 911 and get the police involved. Do not stay scared or the delinquents will get worse – they always do.

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  1. Hi am a singel parent and i have 2 teenagers that there out of conrol and i really don’t know what to do with them i also have 2 smaller ones and i really don’t know what to do with them they get in trouble in school . And there un controllable i really need your help or who do i turn to for help

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