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How to remove tar and bugs from your car paint the best and cheapest way – WD-40 it!

About a month or so ago I was driving on Pavilion Boulevard in North Charlotte. They were doing road work and spraying tar by the overpass. They had cones up and there was no way to turn around. There was also no notice or warning prior to turning down the road. It was a really hot day out and the morons (obviously illegal aliens from Mexico that the fine people at Mecklenburg county hired to fix the roads – the government can get away with hiring illegals and no one else) were spraying down tar to fill in cracks in the road. This resulted in many people getting tar all over their cars. Just look at the picture below of my car.

Tar on white car paint

Below is a closeup of this tar on my car’s white paint. I had it in front and behind every wheel well. It was a real mess. I called up the Mecklenburg county government at 311 and asked them if they were going to pay for the removal of this tar from my car as it clearly was their fault and the stupidity of the illegals that they had spraying down tar on a hot day with no warnings for drivers posted so they could use other routes. They were rude and told me to file a complaint with them. I did and I never heard back.

Closeup of tar on Oldsmobile Aurora

So I asked a friend of mine that does car detailing about how to get the tar off my car. He said the easiest and cheapest way is to use a spray can of WD-40 lubricant. He said tar removers were a waste of time and money and that nothing beats WD-40 at removing tar on car paint. He said it would take the tar right off. Spray it on and wait about 10 seconds or so and start wiping it off with an old clean cloth. I was doubtful at first, but once I started trying it the tar came off and fairly quickly. Keep in mind this tar remained on my car for over a month because I was waiting for the folks at the Mecklenburg County government to take care of it as it was there fault. Anyway, the WD-$0 can worked great.

WD-40 spray can I used to remove the tar on my car

Within an hour or so I had all the tar around my car gone and the car started looking great. I went through two towels, but the results were amazing. Just look at the pictures below and then look at the ones above with the tar on the car. Huge difference. WD-40 was easy to apply and made it equally as easy to remove even the most stuck on or dried tar on my car. .

picture of car with tar all gone

Closeup picture with tar gone on car

Oldsmobile aurora with tar removed  from paint

DOwnward looking view of treated area

These pictures show you how awesome this WD-40 works and it was $4 for the can and I still have half of the can left to use around the house (oiling door hinges, etc.) If you are unfortunate to find tar or other road debris (bugs, bird droppings, etc.) on your car’s paint then don’t hesitate and get yourself a bottle of WD-40 and you won’t believe how easy it is to get this gunk off your car and make it look pretty once again.


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