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How to speak like Yoda

Have you ever wanted to be able to speak like Yoda? You know, the little green old dude in Star Wars that would famously speak by rephrasing sentences and ending them with questions. Yoda was wise and was a Jedi teacher. Well, now its easy. Just go to and type away. Whatever you want to say will come up in Yoda speak. For instance, if I wanted to say “I will be there on Monday wearing a pink dress.” I type it into the entry box and hit the convert to yoda speak button and it comes out as “There on monday wearing a pink dress, I will be.”

Cool, huh? What if I wanted to say “Batman and Robin are gay.” It comes back saying, “Gay, batman and robin are.” Cool, huh? Well, not everything comes out in Yoda speak. It does at times have issues. When I want to insert something straight from the news like this highlight of Romney, “Romney says US economy needs ‘something dramatic'” it comes out as “Romney says US economy needs ‘something dramatic’. hmmmm” There is no change in the wording except that it adds on the hmmmm at the end.

yoda speak website review
Want to speak like Yoda from Star Wars? Read this.

Also, if you enter any curse words or profanity it will instead tell you to wash out your mouth with soap and water which is kind of cute. But it switches it up every now and then. When I entered, “Fuck You.” It came back saying, “As appealing as sucking a lemon your bitter speech makes you. Herh herh herh.” That’s actually pretty funny. You can call Yoda names and such and it doesn’t usually notice – just look at this example. I entered “Yoda is a pedophile and likes young boys.” Pretty bad, right? Well here is what came back when I hit the convert button, “Pedophile and likes young boys, yoda is.”

Sometimes the Yoda Speak translator shows it is smarter then you think. I entered “Barack Obama was born in Kenya.” And I got out, “Born in kenya, barack obama was. Yeesssssss.” So, see? Even Yoda and this website know that beyond the shadow of a doubt Obama was born in Kenya. I wanted to see if it could predict things so I entered “Will there be a great depression in 2012?” It came back with “There be a great depression in 2012, will, hmm?” Not much for that one.

Try it and play with it yourself. If you ever wanted to speak like Yoda from Star Wars then this website makes it easy. It isn’t perfect, but most entries come out in Yoda speak.

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