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How to stop online buyer fraud through PayPal – Here’s how to take care of wrongful item not received and similar complaints!

How to stop online buyer fraud through PayPal
Are you an online seller and suffering from possible buyer fraud through PayPal? Here's how to effectively stop it!

It can be frustrating when you do your best to send customers their items that they purchase through your website and they then file an item not received or similar complaint. If they really didn’t receive the item then I am fine with this and they should either get another one sent out or a refund. But what really irritates me is when these customers receive the item and then they file a item not received complaint anyway.

They basically are trying to get a free item. No matter how you look at this, bottom line it’s called buyer fraud and it is a crime. It should also be treated as such. It is no different than a customer going into a local store at the mall or local Walmart to buy a new pair of shoes and then returning with their receipt the next day with the box and their old, nasty shoes inside – it is fraud and a crime and needs to be treated as such.

if you don’t treat buyer fraud as a crime these people will continue to do it to others and eventually word will spread around that you are an easy mark and you will get more and more of this buyer fraud. Instead you need to learn how to stop it dead in its tracks. Make these scumbag buyers that never had any intention on paying for their purchase realize you are not to be messes with.

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You also need to make PayPal aware of this too. Otherwise PayPal will continue on their program of basically refunding almost every customer regardless of whether the claim is valid or not. PayPal buyer fraud is pretty bad and there is an easy solution. You need to contact PayPal and send them this exact message:

This customer received the item we shipped. USPS tracking number XXXX on date XX/XX and to XXXX address. This is clearly buyer fraud. This customer clearly never intended to pay for said item and this is buyer fraud, a crime in every state in the USA. If you find for the buyer then I must exercise my right and get the police involved. Please let me know the answer to your decision soon so I can notify the police if need be.


John Doe

This will get PayPal’s attention and 9 times out of 10 they will issue you a refund, or find in your favor. PayPal does not want to mess with the police or law enforcement as it is just not worth it to them. If they do find for the buyer then carry through with this. The police will note it under the persons record and you can file a warrant out for them in their county and have them arrested.

You can also sue them. I don’t advise this as you probably won’t ever see anything from them – most of the people that commit online buyer fraud are deadbeats. Just by doing the above you will 9 times out of 10 get a refund from PayPal or they will find for you. And that is enough.

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PayPal needs to see we are not dumb sellers and we will make their life difficult if they keep finding for the fraudulent buyers out there. Also, watch out for buttons and links that don’t work on PayPal’s website. The appeal a case button almost never works. Sometimes the buttons or links to add customer delivery information to a case don’t work either. PayPal has known about these issues for over 5 years (makes one wonder why they don’t care to fix it).

If you can’t get your info through to PayPal then email them at Remember, they are customers They tend to handle things fairly quickly there. Good luck and remember, by using the above technique you should have 90% fewer loses from buyer fraud through PayPal.

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