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How to turn your child into a genius with a superior memory for their age and greatly increase their interest in learning and education!


If you’re like most people you want the best for your children. That includes the best education, the best schools and of course the best training possible. Now some children naturally have a higher predisposition for learning and retaining memories, and there are different schools of thought here as to whether it’s 50% of one’s mental capability is related to genetics or their learning background or up bringing or not. Research has shown that regardless of one’s genes and upbringing a lot can be done to improve upon one’s thinking capacity, memory retention and much more.

Basically the human brain whether being a child or an adult is very similar or a kin to a muscle. With use and proper nourishment and development we can greatly increase its size and capacity. Now, the difference here is you can’t really increase the size of your brain, but that really doesn’t matter because science and research has shown that it’s not necessarily the size of the brain it’s actually the number of neurotransmitters and connections in the brain and how well-defined or interconnected they are.

So, with proper use and training one can actually take the average person’s or child’s brain and turn it into a genius’s brain. And researchers shown you can actually do this quite quickly. As many people have heard recently we only use at most maybe 10 or 15% of our actual brain. The other portion basically goes unused. People that are smarter tend to use more of their brain than those that are not. You also find that there are savants and autistic people that use much more of a certain area of their brain but use less of other areas. This is why you will find many college kids at elite universities like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, MIT and more with exceptional computing and learning abilities, but lacking severely in the common sense department.

God gives us all skills is just whether or not we can find and learn how to use them. Many of us go the whole way through our lives without ever learning what we’re really good at or applying ourselves in the right direction. Not only get off topic here with this, as the main point here is to show you how to train your kids up to use their brains correctly and to greatly increase their thinking, comprehension and overall learning capabilities. It all starts with making learning a game. You see if learning is not interesting 99% of it goes in one ear and right back out the other.

If instead, you can make it fun or interesting you are 99% of the way to higher learning. Now along with making it more interesting and fun there are also some tricks that are highly effective and will greatly increase your child’s memory retention and interest in learning and education. The first technique and obviously one of the most important is Association. By learning to associate new terms, dates, people’s names, etc. in a meaningful but very memorable way one can greatly increase their interest in the subject matter and their total recall very quickly. Just by using this one technique of association one can greatly reduce the required study time for virtually any test from elementary school on up to the hardest college tests out there.

Basically, with association you take people’s names, dates, terms, whatever and link them together in a very meaningful way. For example, if you wanted to remember that Frederick Taylor was the father of scientific management theory and that he believed in the idea that workers basically works for money and no other purpose how would you remember this and do it in just a couple of seconds and, on top of that, make it so you could remember 3,4,5, etc… years from ? Could you do that? With just a little bit of practice it’s very easy and I am going to show you how right now.

Think of a tailor sewing items together which is what a tailor does. Envision him sewing together a scientist and making a dollar bill out of it. Yes, that is all ridiculous to envision this, but this is how the mind works. The more ridiculous the idea’s you create the more memorable it will be. It’s what they call a slap in the face principle. If someone were to slap in the face and mentally Frederick Taylor’s name you would be embarrassed and you probably never forget it. It’s also kind of like the idea of 9/11 in that most people can recall what they were doing and everything about that day when the planes crashed into the towers in New York City.

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By making these associations ridiculous and weird you’re forcing your brain to remember these things and you’ll actually see that they will be better remembered than if you just sat there for hours going over and over again. Association when used correctly far exceeds group memory in every way imaginable. Now you can take this one step further and apply association to lists of items. This way you can easily remember long grocery list with 50 items or more on them, long lists of terms for tough classes and courses to include business law, organic chemistry, calculus three, differential equations and much more.

Basically here with linking you take the same idea that I just showed you above in associations and use it to link each new term, keyword or whatever together. It may take a few tries to get good at this but it won’t take long and your child (or yourself if you wish to increase your own thinking and learning skills) will soon be easily excelling most others in their class and even most other children on a more nationwide level. For example, let us make an easy grocery list: milk, coffee, eggs, broccoli and ice cream. Let’s start with the milk and remember when I try make this as ridiculous as possible so that way we remember it and don’t have to write it down or worry about forgetting anything.

So, you envision a huge gallon of milk the size of your house and it’s making a pot of coffee but the coffee pot is actually made of millions of eggs and the eggs are turning green as they are sprouting stalks and leaves of broccoli (so it looks like the coffee pot made out of eggs is growing green hair made out of broccoli). And then envision the broccoli is being chopped off and put into a large container to make broccoli flavored ice cream for all the boys and girls or whatever. See, the whole list was made completely ridiculous but at the same time by forcing yourself to see envision these ridiculous occurrences or pictures you are putting a more permanent series of links or interlinking with your neurons in your brain on these items and you will easily recall them from one to the next through the list at the store and will not need to write down your grocery list.

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This linking association concept can be used for long lists of 50 or more plus items and is not limited to just grocery items. You can use this to study for heart tests from trigonometry on up to the hardest mathematical courses in college, history exams, etc. with just these few items, association and linking, you can make learning much easier for any child and can greatly increase their interest in learning and education on virtually any subject matter. Once they see that they can easily learn tough concepts and terms they will then most likely do the rest as it will become more fun and more pleasurable to them.

There are more concepts besides association and linking for memory utilization that will factor in different areas of thinking and things like that, but these two are the main items that one should start with for developing their child to have a superior memory and a greater fondness towards learning and education. The rest can easily be picked up from various books on memory and learning which are available for free at your local library or online places like Amazon or eBay. Good luck and if you teach this to your children it can only help them by making them a better student and eventually a more productive member of society. If you feel that you gained something from this article please link to it (with your website or social profile) so that others may benefit just as you have.

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