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How to unlock a stuck or locked work order or assignment in Track-IT helpdesk technician client

Has this happened to you?  You want to close out or access a work order or assignment on Track-IT helpdesk and it is locked or stuck.  It usually happens with assignments.  You try and save it and you get a message that it is locked by a technician.  Now, if that technician is there, you can just ask the technician to close their work order and it is usually fixed.

But what if that technician is on vacation and/or otherwise out of the office?  The next logical step is to reboot that technician’s workstation.  In 90% of cases this works.  This usually releases the hold and one can get full access to the work order and its associated assignments.  But what if this doesn’t work?  What if the work order is still locked?  This can and does happen.  There are 2 fixes for this.  One, is to reboot the actual Track-IT server (I don’t recommend this as any data that is not entered in will be lost – also, when you see the following method you will see there really is no reason to reboot the server and get the rest of the IS team mad at you).

The other (2nd method) is as follows and this works in just about every case:

Open Track-IT Technician Client and then go to Tools –> Admin console (if you do not see the admin console option then you are not an administrator and need to find someone with those rights or privileges before continuing).
Then go to Administration under Lookup Tables:


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Then click on Technicians and then select the Technician that has the report locked:


Select the technician and then click on Edit.


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The checkbox will be checked if the item is locked by that user:


Unselect the checkbox and the assignment or work order will be released. That is it.


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