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Howdy Honda car dealership review – I walked the lot for over an hour looking at various new Honda cars and no one helped me!

Howdy Honda car dealership review
I went to Howdy Honda and got literally blown off for well over an hour by their sales staff. So, I bought a new Accord at First Texas Honda instead!

I had received a long-awaited for raise at work, so I decided that it was time to upgrade to a newer and better car. I wanted something very reliable with leather and it had to be sporty. I saw some ads on TV for the new Honda Accord sedans and coupes and I thought these would be really nice to test drive and possibly buy one.

So I ventured out to the local Honda dealership here in Austin Texas (Howdy Honda on Ben White Boulevard). when I got there I saw one salesperson walking through the lot with a customer. They walked over to a car, unlocked it, got in it and then drove away. I didn’t know it at the time but that was good to be the last car salesperson I was going to see there.

I walked around a lot and looked at different cars. I primarily spent time looking at the new Honda Accords, but it also looked at some of the other vehicles too. One thing I noticed as I kept looking at the cars that no one came out to help me. Not once. And it couldn’t have been that busy that day because there weren’t that many cars for customers parked out front.

I kept walking around looking at the cars and to try and attract someone’s attention, because I wanted to take a test drive in the new Honda Accord sedan and coupe, I would stop the car and looked straight at the dealership. once I thought I saw a car salesperson and waved to them trying to get their attention that I wanted someone to help me.

I wanted to take a test drive and have never heard of a car dealership or you can go on their lot and walk around for over an hour and not have a single car salesperson ever come out and greet you or try and help you. I only had about two or so hours that day before I had to meet an important client about a project that I’m involved in at work.

Is the time got close I just decided that I had had enough and I walked back to my car and drove off. Not once in the entire time that I was there did one car salesperson ever come out to greet me or try and help me in any way. All I wanted to do was take a test drive. I ended up later that week going to another nearby Honda dealership – First Texas Honda on nearby Koenig Lane.

At First Texas Honda a very nice car salesman came out to greet me within seconds of my getting out of my car. They politely took me through both the new Honda Accord coup and the sedan and we test drove both cars. I liked both of them a lot and it ended up taking me a day to decide which one I wanted to go with. the nice thing was that no one at the car dealership First Texas Honda pressured me to make a decision that I might later regret.

In the end I came back a day later to that car dealership and I want what the silver sedan that I was looking at. The sales staff at First Texas Honda got my business because they were polite, attentive and honest. They didn’t try to push or cram a sale down my throat. they were also there for me when I needed them – much unlike the non-existent sales staff at Howdy Honda.

It’s quite obvious that the sales staff at Howdy Honda lost a great sale that day and obviously they had better things on their mind than helping a good customer. I liked the treatment that I received at First Texas Honda and I will be taking my car there for service from now on also. Howdy Honda has permanently lost my business.

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  1. Howdy Honda – sounds like the name of a car dealership for gay cowboys… “Comeone boys to the service corral for a quick reach around…” – Yup, very gay name indeed.

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