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Howl At the Moon review – live music with a great atmosphere

I had a great time at Howl at the Moon

I had met a woman at Target the other night and was looking for a place to go out on a first date. It was my first date since divorcing my wife, and I was a little bit nervous. I asked a friend of mine if he had any suggestions, and he recommended we try Howl at the Moon for some after dinner drinks. He said it was a great place to relax and see some live music.

I did some research on the place and decided to go with his recommendation. We had a great dinner, and headed to the epicenter in downtown Charlotte, NC. The bar is located on the top level of the epicenter and had great views of the skyscrapers in downtown Charlotte. I would give the views from the bar an A+.

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We made our way to the door to find that we were met by a pretty steep cover charge of $10 a piece that I was not expecting. We arrived about 10:30 and the place was pretty crowded. We fit right in with the crowd, most of the people there looked to be in their 30’s.

There were no seats available at first so we were forced to stand for about 10 minutes. However i didn’t mind standing, we still a good view of the stage. They had two pianos set up, and six musicians that rotated in singing different songs. It was really a nice setup.

I went to the bar to get us a couple of drinks. I ordered a beer and a vodka cranberry for my date. First round of drinks were a bit pricey. I spent $20 with the tip on our first round, but tried not to think much about it. I figured I was out having a good time and shouldn’t worry too much about what I was spending at the time.

A table opened up across the room and we raced to grab it before anyone else. I noticed they had a stack of papers and pencils at all the tables. I looked more closely when we got to the table and they turned out to be song request forms which I thought was pretty cool. You write down what song you wanted to hear, fold it up, put a dollar inside and they will play your song later in the night. It turned out to be a great conversation starter between my date and I too.

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Howl at the Moon also offers liquor buckets that we decided we had to try (you are supposed to have a minimum of 4 people to order a bucket, but we lied and said we we’re with the couple next to us). They had a few different mixes, but we decided to split the long island iced tea mix. The buckets were a decent size, and it was all for $25. Two of those was more than enough for us to drink for the night.

The two of us had a great time and I would definitely recommend Howl at the Moon for some after dinner drinks. I felt like it was a little bit pricey, but would be a nice place to go out to every once and a while. It was a relaxed environment, and a great place to see some live music. By the end of the night the whole place was singing along. I can’t wait for my next trip to Howl at the Moon.

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  1. Is that bar owned by the prince of darkness himself – Ozzy Osborne? If it is I will take a trip from California to see it. It would be like my life goal to pilgrimmage there. Ozzy is a God!

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