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Hungry Howies flavored crust pizza review – great pizza and the Howie garlic bread isn’t bad either!

Hungry Howies flavored crust pizza review
I and my roommates bought some pizzas from Hungry Howies and we were all impressed with how good their pizza was!

I am an engineering student at the University of Charlotte NC (UNCC) and on days when I have a lot of things scheduled my classes homework and my job at Best Buy I like to order a pizza and sometimes my roommates and I will order two or three pizzas at a time.  We’ve bought pizzas from Domino’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, but we decided to give this Hungry Howie’s pizza a try yesterday.

They do deliver to my school books are located right across the way and there are my way back from Best Buy so I called the guys on my Apple iPhone (I got a free iPhone by entering a website design contest and placing 2nd – pretty cool award, huh?) and so they called Hungry Howie’s and ordered a large pepperoni pizza and a large sausage and extra cheese pizza and a bunch of Howie’s garlic bread.

When I got to Hungry Howie’s (the actual location if you don’t know is 8816 University East Dr. here in Charlotte) they had our order already done and waiting for me.  I just had to wait in line behind these 2 smoking hot sorority girls that were wearing some seriously sexy attire.  I can only imagine where they were going that night – I wish they were taking me or even better yet if they came with the pizza – but that would be an engineers dream, right?

Anyway, when I went to pay for the pizza I thought it was going to be over $30 but I was quite wrong.  the total was like $20 and then included the two pizzas a bunch of their garlic bread and a two liter bottle of Pepsi (I’m not really fond of Pepsi, but at this price I wasn’t going to complain).  The best part here was this was not a sale price this was apparently their normal price for their pizza at Hungry Howie’s.

The pizza smelled really good and more like a real Italian pizza.  It didn’t smell like a Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza.  I couldn’t wait to take my first bite of a slice of the pizza.  When I got back to our apartment I was really wishing those girls had come back with me as it was a total sausage fest (all guys from my apartment and the nerds from next door).

The pizza was devoured so fast I wish we had Ordered more pizza as I only ended up having two slices before it was all gone.  I must say Hungry Howie’s makes some mighty good pizza and the garlic herb flavored crusts my roommates ordered on the pizza were awesome.  I will definitely be buying more pizzas from them in the future.  

Since then I’ve been trying to hunt down those hot sorority sisters, but they obviously don’t take classes like mine (physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, linear algebra, etc…) as I don’t ever see any hot girls by the Engineering building Duke – oh well, I will keep my eye out for them until then I’ll think about them in my dreams.

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