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Hydroxatone anti wrinkle cream complaint – they have terrible billing practices and operate like a scam!

Hydroxatone anti wrinkle cream complaint
I purchased Hydroxatone and found them to be a scam!

This is a complaint regarding Hydroxatone.

I saw a compelling ad for Hydroxatone on the internet. Since it gives a 30-day free trial period I figured I would give it a try. I began using it as soon as I received it, looking forward to the awesome results they advertise. No results in a week, no results in 2 weeks, no results in 3 weeks, so I called & emailed them (11/29/10) to let them know that I had not experienced any of the advertised results and I did not want them to send me any more of the product or charge me for the product.

12/2/10 they took $69.95 from my account (I had used a debit card). I wrote & reiterated the fact that I had told them I did not want a product that didn’t work & did not want to be billed for a product that didn’t work & I didn’t want, yet they had taken $69.95 from my account. I demanded that my money be returned to me.

12/13/10 I received a message from them stating that they would refund my money as soon as they received the unused product & they were sorry for any inconvenience.

1/11/11 I sent another email asking where my refund was since I had returned the unused product exactly as they had specified.  1/18/11 I sent another email to them after talking with my bank to see if Hydroxatone had refunded my money yet. Instead of refunding me, they were attempting to remove another $69.95 from my account while I was on the phone with my bank!  I had already had to put a hold on my card, but when I found this out I had to completely stop my card & get a new one.

In my email to them on 1/18/11 I told them I knew that they were attempting to remove more money from my account & that my bank was also aware of it. I again told them to refund my money & added that they are unethical, reprehensible, and behaving fraudulently.

On 1/21/11 they claimed that I was already refunded! I wrote back & told them that I had not been refunded & reiterated that my bank knew what was going on. On 1/26/11 they said I hadn’t been refunded because I didn’t send enough of the product back! I wrote back the same day to let them know that I had returned the unused portion exactly as they had told me to do & I still wanted my money back.

On 2/4/11 I received the following message: “I do apologized for the inconvenience and frustration that you may have incurred.  However , as an employee of this company, I must protect it when we are accused of  scamming or false advertising.  When someone places an order, we specifically tell them, that they will receive a 30 day risk-free trial.  Which means, whomever orders the product can try it free for 30 days, with no risk or obligation to buy it. That is also clearly stated on the invoice. It’s to protect you (the consumer) and our company.

Once again thank you for your time and support. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and any one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.”
To which I replied, on the same day: “Then where is my refund?  And why did you continue to attempt to take money from my account when I had told you I did not want the product because it didn’t work (before the month trial period was over) AND after I had already returned the product?!!!

If the company was really as honest as you claim, then why have your people done such rotten, dishonest things? GIVE ME MY REFUND!  If I don’t receive it within a week, you will be reported for behaving fraudulently and very dishonestly.  I have been more than patient with you people and given you MANY chances to return my money.  No more. Either I get my money within a week or you are being reported.”

It is now 2/11/11 and I am reporting them everywhere I can think of! Besides you guys & the BBB, who else should I report them to?  Please HELP! They also caused me an overdraft charge because they took my money out of my account when they claimed they would not. So even though I have “only” insisted that they give me back the $69.95, they actually owe me another $24 for the overdraft fee!

3 thoughts on “Hydroxatone anti wrinkle cream complaint – they have terrible billing practices and operate like a scam!

  1. Hi. I am representing some consumers who were scammed by Hydroxatone and may be filing a class action against the company. Feel free to contact me at (413) 525-3820 for further information. Thank you.
    Angela Edwards, Esq.

    1. My 83 year old mother bought this Hydroxatone. It was within the 30 days and I called, at her request, to find out how to return it and not be charged anything. The CSR instructed me to pack it up, take it to the Post Office and get a Delivery Confirmation receipt, and she gave me the address to ship it to. I did as instructed but my mother’s credit card was charged $88.00. I checked the tracking number and it showed that it had been received. I called Discover (the card she used) and they said “we’ve heard that name (Hydroxatone) before. They gave us a dispute number and told us not to do anything else. When the credit didn’t show up on my mother’s card again, I called Discover. They told me that Hydroxatone claims never to have received the package and I need to send the original receipt showing the shipping address in order for them to be able to do anything. Well, with delivery confirmation all you receive is that the package was delivered to the city, state, and zip but no street address. I’m sure this is why Hydroxatone instructed me to use delivery confirmation. These people are such scammers. Please do something to stop them. Thank you.

  2. Hi: I have an even more unnerving incident regarding the above-mentioned Hydroxatone and their billing habits…and I live in Canada! They took $66.77 out of my credit card 3 days in a row, inluding the day I called to say I didn’t want to get anything more from them as it turned out that I am allergic to it. When I asked the gal for a number of some sort I should be getting to reference the call I was making and she said something to the effect that “not to worry, I’ve taken you off the computer so everything is all good.” And to make things worse, she tried to insist that I was using too much and that it was my fault more or less that my eyes wouldn’t stop watering and burning for almost 3 hrs. afterwards! Also, they even charged me for “beauty consulting” I never heard of or got. There is more to this incident and I would be delighted to tell it Angela Edwards. I am dumb-struck by what these people have done to me becuz the money they took from me was earmarked to pay for my getting a passport and travelling money so I could go to the U.S. and be with my sister and not be alone for the one year anniversary of the loss of my husband whose death put me into months of trauma therapy. And now I will be alone. See what you’ve done Hydroxatone? And now I will look forward to hearing back from Angela to whom I feel it is now my duty to talk to her about what this huge, uncaring company has done to me and continues to do to me & so many others. They really must be stopped. From: “Terribly Unhappy in Canada.”

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