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I-95 Complaint – Two Lanes through South Carolina backs up traffic for miles

Driving on I-95 is terrible

I was returning home from vacation in Florida for the holidays and hit some nasty traffic on the way home. It was stop and go through Georgia and parts of Florida but nothing compared to what I was about to encounter ahead in South Carolina.

Georgia had a three lane highway all the way through the state so the congestion wasn’t too horrible. However once I hit the South Carolina Boarder it went straight to a two lane highway. Traffic came to a dead stop as soon as I crossed the boarder.

I spend over 3 hours in bumper to bumper traffic and traveled a mere 60 miles. To add to the misery I was forced to endure signs for the tourist trap “South of The Boarder” the whole time.

This whole problem could have easily been avoided if there was at least three lanes of traffic. It was some of the worst traffic I have ever been stuck in. What was even more annoying was how the cops who didn’t want to sit in the traffic just put their lights on and drove down the shoulder. It’s just plain frustrating and unfair.

It turned out to be a slough of a few fender benders on the side of the highway that was slowing traffic down. Again if there was another lane of traffic this traffic would have been lessened or avoided completely.

South Carolina would just add another lane of traffic to Interstate I-95. If they don’t want to do that they can at least provide an alternative road for when Interstate I-95 gets backed up.

Getting stuck in traffic is one of the most frustrating things you can endure. At the very least they could provide an alternative route. When traveling north through South Carolina there is simply no other road to take.

2 thoughts on “I-95 Complaint – Two Lanes through South Carolina backs up traffic for miles

  1. was this on today (april 26) if so, i encounter and avoided that traffic on my way home from my school…..luckily for me there was another route home

  2. IhVe been stuck in this same traffic holiday after holiday and it just sucks. There aren’t any projects on the horizon which is maddening. The Feds have doubled the national debt and I 95 is stil, a two lane nightmare that GA figured out needed to be upgraded. come on South Click… Get with it……

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