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Inkgard ink and toner saving software review – this software saves me big money on my printing costs!

inkgard toner review

inkgard toner review

I and my wife run an Ebay business out of her mother’s garage (we are saving money to get an apartment soon because my wife’s mother is driving me nuts). Well anyway, as a part of our eBay business we print out lots of labels, instructions, receipts and more and I can easily go through a toner cartridge for my HP 1020 printer in a week or so – that’s a lot of printing in my book.

So, when I was leafing through one of my PCWorld magazines I came across this ad for a software app that claims to save up to 75% on printing costs by optimizing the quality of each print for maximum yield. This sounded like it was either the next big scam like the late night infomercials where they spray paint hair on someones head or the next truly remarkable big sales thing – like Crocs shoes (they are ugly as sin, but they sure are comfortable).

But if it really did work like they claimed, my wife and I could save a ton of money on ink costs (mostly toner costs since we switched to the HP 1020 laser inkjet printer). A toner for the HP 1020 runs $80 at Best Buy – which is absolutely ridiculous. Home Depot has re-manufactured toner cartridges for about $50.

That is still too expensive for me, so I shopped around online and I found the best prices for re-manufactured toner cartridges was on either Ebay or After I bought a few of these toner cartridges off Ebay I found that the quality was very poor from the sellers on Ebay. There were smudges and a general grayish look to the pages. Also the Toner cartridges I purchased through Ebay tended to wear out much faster.

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I found that the sellers I dealt with on sold far greater quality toner cartridges then their counterparts on eBay. The difference was that Ebay sellers were a dollar or two cheaper, but for me the quality at was well worth the extra dollar or two. So, when you factor in shipping and handling I was paying about $25 per toner cartridge for great quality re-manufactured HP 1020 toner cartridges from

Now this is where it gets interesting because once I installed the InkGard software I noticed that my toner cartridges would last on average about 3 times longer. That is a huge change!  So, a $25 toner cartridge now lasted me as long as 3 of the same toner cartridges. It didn’t seem to matter what I printed. I was now only buying a new toner cartridge every 3 or 4 weeks instead of once a week.

That is huge savings! With this ink and toner saving software I was now immediately saving $80 or so each and every month on printing costs! For my wife and I and our little Ebay business this was huge! Plus the best part was it was free – I downloaded the InkGard off BTJunkie.

If you print lots of pages of documents and pictures then you definitely have to get yourself a copy of this InkGard software – it will save you a ton on your printing and ink costs.

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