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Insidious Movie Review – this horror movie was a scary movie and a good horror flick

I thought Insidious was a great horror flick.

I wanted to go out to see a movie and checked on rotten tomatoes for what was good. I was in the mood for something scary so I saw that the movie Insidious was playing and watch the trailer. The trailer kept me pretty interested so I decided to go out and see it.

Since it was a Sunday night I was able to get in for $4 which I thought was a steal. I got there right at start of the previews so I was just in time. I was worried I was running a bit late to the theater, but I wouldn’t miss a minute of the movie.

I usually don’t get too scared by horror movies. I have seen just about all of them. This one was different though. It came with many twists and turns, loud noises and scary creatures. Unlike in most horror movies they save they show scary villain for the very end where you he reveals his face. However in Insidious their are multiple villains revealing who they are right away.

Insidious really kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Not only was it scary but the plot a nice bit of suspense in it too. You didn’t know what was going to happen next, or what creepy demon was going to reveal itself in the movie.

Unlike many horror movies where it can often be predictable at the end, Insidious threw a curveball at the audience no one would expect. I won’t reveal to you so I don’t ruin the ending, but I must say that the end left me leaving the theater with chills running up my back.

I would definitely recommend seeing Insidious to any horror movie lovers. It had a good plot with some nice twists and turns. I must say that it was a pretty scary movie as well. I found myself jumping in my seat quite a few times.

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  1. Wait…maybe I didn’t see the same movie….Insidious….that one right? HIGHLY PREDICTABLE! Maybe you had an outer body experience and saw the end of a different movie.

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