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Insignia HDTV Review – I had this TV for 6 weeks and pieces are breaking. Insignia is refusing to acknowledge their warranty it comes with too

Insignia makes poor quality TV's and doesn't stand by their warranty.

I got a nice bonus was work so I decided to spoil myself and get a new Insignia HDTV for my apartment. I have had an old junky TV forever now and it was definitely time for a change. I got it home and took it right out of the box right away. I didn’t take the time to read over the waranties or anything like that, I was just told in the store that it was for 2 years and thats all I thought I needed to know.

I had it up running in no time and the picture was great. I was very happy with the quality of the HDTV I had purchased and I saved a lot of money but avoiding the big names HDTV brands like Sony. I thought that I got away with a good deal on a good product.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. A couple weeks later I was remodeling my living room a bit and needed to move my new Insignia HDTV around to a different part of the room. I unplugged the power cord and everything except the cable coax wire. That was the last wire I took out of the TV. However it seemed to be sort of stuck on the TV. I twisted a little hard and it started to unscrew.

Well… what I thought was unscrewing was the piece that the coax cable wire connects to the TV was actually coming out of TV. It was in a tough part on the TV so really see what was going on, so I thought it was just coming undone, but instead it was just shoddy craftsmanship.

I was so upset that my new TV had a broken piece that I immediately called up Insignia to find out more about what this warranty covered. After speaking with the representative this warranty didn’t cover a darn thing. They offered to fix it if I shipped it to them but it would cost a bit of money. I wasn’t trying to get involved in anything like that I figured I’d try to a find a local guy to do it so I could have my TV back soon.

I had my TV repaired but it was a whopping $250 repair to put that tiny piece back on my Insignia HDTV. That is nearly half of what I paid for it. I guess it’s worthless to have a TV you can’t watch cable on but what can you do I guess. I know next time to go with a Sony and you really do get what you pay for. I was very disappointed with my Insignia HDTV and their customer service.

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