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Is Google actively censoring the internet for the U.S. government?

Got a question for you here – do you think there is a possible dark side to Google? What do you think? is it possible that Google is deranking and adjusting the rankings of websites based on what they are told to do by the US government? Well we might have an easily proven case here – a contributor very recently posted an article that talks about previous president George Bush and his sidekick Donald Rumsfeld and how they are wanted in many countries for illegal war crimes. Here is a link to that article: George Bush wanted for war crimes

I followed the links and read the material on this and it is both quite believable and well referenced. Besides there is a lot of information out there on this in the various respective countries (Germany, England, Italy, Canada, etc…) it appears that there is a lot of negative press for George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld overseas. This news, interestingly enough, does not ever get aired here in the United States. I have not once seen any of this news about George Bush and the many warrants and investigations going on in other countries on ABC, CBS, NBC, etc…

Google censoring the internet
It is becoming quite obvious that the US government, through Google, is actively censoring what Americans can read and see on the internet.

I can easily read about Lance Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour de France medals and being banned for life from international cycling competition, but no where in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or Charlotte Observer can I find anything about George Bush being wanted in numerous overseas countries for horrifying war crimes that mostly were carried out in secret prisons.

Now interestingly enough, within two days of that post being published we immediately have seen a serious rollback in rankings and traffic from Google. It is not due to the October Panda update or any other update by Google. There is no other reason for this. So, equipped with information on Google from various contributors that dispels the myth that Google can do no evil, it is becoming quite obvious that Google is censoring the Internet through Google search and that Google is evil, very evil indeed.

Google claims that their last several updates (Farmer and Panda updates) were about reranking websites with old, antiquated content along with those that it sees as spammy. But when I’ve been noticing recently is that they’re also doing this for websites that link to or release information on stuff that the United States government does not want its citizens to know about.

For instance, websites that reveal information on how 9/11 was a government set up, black flag operation are being ranked way back. But if you talk about stuff that they don’t care about or want you to focus on like Lance Armstrong or Lebron James wearing glasses without lenses so he appears smarter then he looks then they will leave you alone. Apparently they want American citizens to not know what’s really going on.

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Increasingly our government is becoming interested in censoring and limiting the accessibility of the Internet to American citizens. Don’t stand back and let this happen to the internet. Do not let the government and Google restrict what you know and read. They already do this through our media (Israel and its jewish people control over 90% of the media used in America. This is part of the reason why we must protect Israel and we give them hundreds of billions in foreign aid every year (this money could be better used to pay for education, healthcare or other necessities).

So, now you have this Google search which controls over 95% of the internet search traffic and clearly they are censoring the internet for American citizens. They derank websites that go against what our corrupt governemnt wants. This is not right and we will not stand for it – neither should you. We will not remove or edit our readers and contributors thoughts or opinions just so we can rank higher on Google search. We will print your opinions regardless of what the government or Google wants.

While Google is off ranting about China and other countries and how their governments censor the internet with respect to their country’s citizens, they are actively censoring things here in America. This is so hypocritical it is disgusting – maybe Sergey Brin has a thing for George Bush? I don’t know, but this needs to be stopped. So do your part and get involved before you lose what free internet you have left. Read the articles our readers have posted about Google and its corrupt policies with respect to search on the internet and more.

Then be sure and help us and any other website that you think may be getting unjustly de-ranked by Google for publishing materials that our US government doesn’t want you to read or know about by linking to these sites. Do this as much as possible with anchor links, forum posts, social sites and posts, etc… Don’t let Google censor websites like and others for displaying American citizens opinions and more. Stand up for your constitutional rights. Don’t let Google and the US government control your news and what you can and cannot read or access. Above all – keep the internet free and open to all with no restrictions.

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