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Is Hurricane Katia going to follow Hurricane Irene’s path of destruction?

Is Hurricane Katia going to follow Hurricane Irene's path of destruction
Is Hurricane Katia going to follow Hurricane Irene's path of destruction?

If you’ve been following the news you may have noticed that they are now talking about Hurricane Irene’s possible evil twin sister Hurricane Katia. Just like with hurricane Irene, Hurricane Katia formed off the coast of Africa. It quickly formed into a tropical storm and then a hurricane.

Right now the forecasters are saying it’s too far way to really predict much, but is that the truth? Or is it more likely that they don’t want people to start panicking too early. Hurricane Irene caused massive flooding in states from North Carolina to Vermont and everywhere in between.

But there’s a difference. Hurricane Katia is shaping up to be a much stronger and much more powerful hurricane. They are already predicting it will be a major hurricane (category 3 or higher) by this weekend. It looks to be taking the same track as Hurricane Irene did all the way to Bermuda.

If it follows the same track as Irene the cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City could get demolished or washed out. We will know more by this weekend. Right now it is still a category 1 hurricane, but it is strengthening rapidly. It is also small at the moment (hurricane force winds only extend about 25 miles).

But this can quickly change as we saw with Hurricane Irene. Irene grew to have hurricane force winds extending over 80 miles. It was a huge hurricane and that is why the flooding in mountainous regions like Vermont and New York was so bad. Could Hurricane Katia do the same?

If you follow prophecy or the Bible Codes which has a very high percentage of being right there is supposed to be a natural disaster that occurs in New York City and demolishes it. Is this Hurricane Katia it? And was Hurricane Irene a warning to people to egt out of New York City?

God time and time again has been known to warn people prior to a disaster. Hurricane Irene could have been that warning. If Hurricane Katia strengthens like Hurricane Irene did and follows the same track or path you could be easily looking at a category 4 or higher major and catastrophic hurricane hitting New York City.

If this happens New York City will get demolished and flattened. It would look like Hiroshima after the bomb. You wouldn’t even recognize it. I hope this Hurricane Katia goes back out to sea, but prophecy, the bible and other reliable sources foretell of destruction to New York City soon (2011 to 2012). Plus Katia is Hurricane Katrina’s replacement – that is just a really bad omen. I don’t know if I would want to live there knowing that.

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