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is UNCC the easiest college to get laid at?

is UNCC the easiest college to get laid at
I am an old man and its so easy to get laid at UNCC that even I have no problem having the best sex of my life here!

I am an older student (50+ and old enough to have grey hair and a big bald spot – I earned those gray hairs) in the school of education here at UNCC. I am working on a masters degree so I can become a principal someday and get the $100,000+ salary most principals make (far more then my current teaching salary which totally sucks).

Anyways, I was walking by the Belk Tower (the public speaking area where people usually go to vent or state their opinions about something) the other day and there was this crazy preacher guy telling all the college students that they were fornicaters and sinners.

He called me a fornicating, masterbating pothead – wasn’t that really nice? I didn’t think that christians were supposed to go around judging others? Well, he was definitely judging the students including me without even knowing us.

Then he set off all the black students that were there by saying that Martin Luther King was in hell because he committed adultery the night before he died and that this adultery was why God allowed him to be killed. That really set them off.

Anyways, so I am sitting there up on top and this young and pretty dark haired girl with nice long legs sat right next to me. She was probably an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. No 9 or 10 – a solid 8. Anyway, so I checked her out and she looked like she was a freshman, maybe a sophomore.

She and I started talking mostly about what the preacher man was yelling all over the place. It was pretty funny. She then told me she was looking for a better paying job or modeling gig – she stated modeling several times – like it was something she really wanted to do.

So I asked her what kind of modeling she did. There is all kinds (hand, feet, swim suit, runway, etc.) so I didn’t want to assume anything as with respect to what she did. She told me that she modeled swimsuits and even did a nude shoot once. Once she mentioned the word nude that caught my interest.

I told her I wouldn’t mind seeing her nude. She said she doesn’t do that for free and that it would be $100. I said – no. I would pay you $20 to see you naked and that would include me taking some photos for my own interests.

She said no way and that she needed the money and couldn’t take less then $100. I told her lets take a walk. So we walked a little away from the other students so no one else could hear us. I told her I could do $40, but for that she would have to give me a blow job. She said no way, but not in a mean way. She said she would have to have $100 for that – $100 for her getting naked, letting me take photos and then sucking me off – kind of like a happy ending with photos to remember it by.

I told her no. $100 was too much for that. I thought this was getting weird and crazy. She was quiet and I said I would give her $70, but at that price some really good sex had to be included. I told her I wanted a half an hour of the best love making she has ever had and everything else at $70.

She said no. She was holding firm to the $100. She said she needed the money and couldn’t do these things for less then that. So I countered with $100, but it had to include everything we had already discussed plus barebacking (no condom for those of you that don’t get around much) and me cumming inside her – at that price I wanted the full experience.

I wanted skin on skin. I wanted body fluids to mingle. I wanted to have an orgasm all over inside her. I wanted the best sex of my life and everything else. I thought at this, kind of like everyone of my other counteroffers that she was going to take off running or at least turn me down and say no.

That didn’t happen. She agreed to everything for $100! She said we couldn’t go back to her apartment as she didn’t want her roommates to know. I couldn’t take her back to my place else my mother and girlfriend would know what we were up to (I live with my mother and she is best friends with my girlfriend). So we decided a nearby park with some woods would work. So we went to nearby Reedy Creek Park.

We walked off onto one of the trails in the back and then we veered way off the trail into the woods where no one else could see us. This girl then immediately started taking off her clothes and I got a bunch of very revealing pictures that I still have – very hot pictures that could be in any Penthouse or Hustler magazine.

She then took off my pants and sucked my dick as best she could. She had a small mouth and I have a rather large penis (over 11 inches) so I understood when she tried to deepthroat it and could only get half of it in. She really did try. She did a great job licking my penis up and down and caressing my balls all the while. Then she had me lay down on my back and she got on top of me.

She was so wet that my penis slid right in. She told me that she was on the pill and so she wouldn’t get pregnant and to go to town on her – I was like okay! We had some pretty awesome sex for quite a while and she actually had several orgasms. There was no way she could have faked all of that.

So I ended up cumming all over inside her and that was hot – I gave her a cream pie (as it is referred to on the internet). She moaned and had another orgasm when I did it. Then we layed there for a while to relax. She then hoped on top of me again and she wanted more. That was great.

Afterwards we put our clothes back on and I took her back to school. Yes, I paid her the $100. It was probably the best $100 I have ever spent. Far better then going to the Men’s club where women that are a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 will gyrate over you and do table dances, but nothing more for a lot more money. At $20 per lap dance you aren’t getting a whole lot there.

I got the whole enchilada for $100 and she even had sex with me a second time. That was awesome. I would recommend her to anyone, but I don’t think that would be the appropriate thing to do. It just goes to show you that UNCC is an extremely easy college to get laid at. I am an older man (50+ – I’m not going to list my true age here) and I have since been able to do the same or similar with several college coeds here.

If you can’t get laid at this school or in this economy you are just plain sad. You need to go to UNCC and offer a little bit of money and just see how much you can get in return for it. I’ve easily had some of the best sex of my life here. I even had sex with a girl in a study room in the library (I’m sure we left some stains on the floor), in an empty classroom in Fretwell, in the new dorms, in an upstairs men’s bathroom in the Student Union, in the student health center, and in the east parking deck amongst other places.

I LOVE UNCC and the easy women here – they are everywhere! I just wonder which girl I will meet for a quick hookup next? Is she going to be a readhead or a blonde this time. Usually its brunettes and dark haired freshmen and sophomores that I hook up with, but I have been with a few juniors and seniors too. I would never turn down a nice girl for some hot sex with no ties. For that UNCC is the place to go – period! A $100 really goes far on this campus!

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