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Israel, Iran, conspiracy theories and how close we could be to World War 3

History repeats itself especially with the American government and unfortunately Americans don’t see what’s really going on here. America has a very corrupt government and we tend to do things that we shouldn’t be doing. From blowing up or crushing our own citizens in the Twin Towers and in the Pentagon (its undoubted that 9/11 was one of the biggest black flag ops in US history right up there with Pearl Harbor and the Lusitania) our government is constantly meddling in the affairs of other countries all the name of supposed democracy and peace when in fact it’s all about control, corruption, power and greed.

They also control the airwaves. what I mean by that is that newspapers you read in the news you watch on TV is largely controlled as to what content and news they are showing the American people. For a quick example does this go watch the Russian news or news from another country that is not a close US ally. You will see a marked difference between the news being reported. Now, this is not to say that the other news is 100% correct either, but the truth lies between the two. As other countries partake in the same control of news that exists in their country.

Israel Iran war 2012 or 2013
World War 3 may be closer then anyone realizes (except for certain government officials and agencies). Read this article to see why and when it might and probably will occur.

So with this in mind what do you think is going on right now between Israel and Iran? What do you think the potential implications are from this? Is World War 3 just around the corner? Is a global depression larger than anything we’ve seen in the past 300 years waiting for us right around the corner after the election this fall? Well, lets start with Iran. Iran is clearly interested in making nuclear weapons because they want the power that comes with having a nuclear arsenal.

The question of whether they are enriching uranium in their nuclear power plants is obvious – of course they are. Becoming a nuclear power brings with it a lot of respect, prestige, money, power and more. But, guess what? It’s not like they don’t already have nuclear weapons. When the former Soviet Union went bottoms up, a lot of their nuclear weapons and materials used in the enrichment process went on the black market to the highest bidder. Those 100 smaller nuclear suitcase bombs that were supposedly lost were never lost. it doesn’t matter how bankrupt your country is bombs like that you tend to keep very good track of.

Some of these bombs and their larger counterparts, like megaton ICBM warheads have made it into countries like North Korea, Iran and others. regardless of the embargoes applied against Iran, they are still making money hand over fist with their oil. The Chinese and Russians want their oil and so do hundreds of other countries. Trade for this oil goes on regardless of UN sanctions (not every country abides by the UN’s rules). This oil money can buy lots of things to include nuclear bombs, biochemical and chemical warfare weapons (which can be far worse then any nuclear bomb for proof of this just look at our secret government research facilities and the stories of diseases like Lyme disease that have been created with battle use as their original intent).

So, its obvious even though our news tells us otherwise that Iran has both nuclear capabilities and nuclear bombs at their disposal. Israel also knows this, but they want to limit the amount of nuclear bombs that they have in their arsenal. Iran also wants Israel wiped off the map. Their people do not believe in peace with Israel ever. Their fearless leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is an obvious tyrant, has stated this on many occasions. Their goal is to bring on World War III and the end of times. Israel has told the US and President Obama that they must bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

This is only partially true. What Israel really wants is to bomb and get rid of all the areas that they know of where they have the suitcase nuclear bombs and nuclear warheads that they purchased from Russia and possibly from other countries. Israel wanted to do that earlier this year but they do not want to do it without the backing of the US. President Obama has been telling Israel and in particular their prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to wait until after this falls presidential election. Obama knows that if Israel attacks Iran prior to the election his chances of being reelected are basically zero.

But as soon as the election is over you’ll say something markedly similar to what occurred in Pearl Harbor and 9/11. You will most likely see another Black Flag operation involving Israel and Iran. Iran does not really want a war with the United States. They know they can’t win that one and it would cost them everything. They would love a war between just them and Israel. The US cannot attack Iran without provoking Russia and China. So, just like happened with 9/11, the Us government through its most secretive black ops groups (which are offshoots of the CIA and NSA and other similar agencies) will set it up.

What you will probably hear is that Iran attacked the USS Enterprise (our oldest aircraft carrier and due for retirement shortly. The USS Enterprise and all its crew will be attacked, killed and sunk. Americans will be horrified by the news which will be made to look like Iran did it when in fact Israel will have done it with one of their attack subs. This will give the US ample reason then to attack Iran. When in fact Iran will have most likely done nothing to bring this on.

USS Enterprise black flag op
Soon you may, unfortunately, see the USS Enterprise sunk as part of a US government run black flag operation.

this is exactly what happened with 9/11. We needed to get more control of the oil in the middle east and do it without pissing off Russia and China. Now we will be doing it again. The problem this time is that this little skirmish will quickly grow to become the next world war. Too many other powerful countries will quickly get involved like Turkey. It will escalate and escalate. There is no way it can’t. The control of the earth will be at stake here and Russia and China both know the US can’t afford to fight huge wars on all fronts.

This will eventually give China and Russia a chance to become more than a secondary power. They will see it as their ticket to surpass the US and its control of the world. This will start sometime between December 2012 and April 2013. It has to. At the same time the world will quickly delve into a massive depression the likes of which may never have been seen before. The US will quickly turn into a state of complete chaos (the army and reserves have already been preparing for this and have stockpiled every single base, reserves depot, etc. in the US in preparation for this. The government has also been busy building containment camps and mass burial sites for US dissidents.

Be ready, it is coming. This is not a joke. There is a reason why the US came to become the number one power in the world so fast in the 1800’s – 1900’s. It was destiny and there was plenty of divine intervention. It is all spelled out in the book of Revelations in the bible. Our government is currently in talks about setting up this next “black flag” operation which may well involve the aircraft carrier Enterprise. A vote for President Obama helps seal this deal. A vote for Romney will help stop it and save millions of lives (possibly even billions).

Regardless, do your due diligence. Research this and be sure and watch other news besides the news from American broadcast companies and their allies. Try and get the whole picture of what is really going on. You might find that America is its own worst enemy. The government and the uneducated will try and pawn this off as just another conspiracy theory like they always do, but mark my word – it’s a coming just watch and see and be ready!

One thought on “Israel, Iran, conspiracy theories and how close we could be to World War 3

  1. This is scary and much more real than one might initially think. The ties Russia and China have to Iran is a vital to their presence in the middle east. They are willing to anything and everything to protect it.

    Also with austerity around the corner for the US, this may be a detrimental move to continue to let Israel hide behind the US. Something that will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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