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Its Just Lunch Dating Service Scam – Wasted My Money And Time On Pointless Dates

its just lunch

I had a terrible experience with It’s Just Lunch in Wilmington, Delaware, Just Lunch Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Just Lunch, New York, NY. I advise to everyone, that your money is better spent at or any other dating site, your chances are better and it will only cost you less than $30.00. Take yourself on vacation or throw it out the window – the perception that it is a scam here is real… either will benefit you more, even going to a bar may be a better choice.

I was talked into joining IJL(it’s just lunch) by a woman who promised she had the women of my dreams in her “file.” They were just waiting to meet me; all I had to do was pay $2, 700. She called and called, and made me feel like if I passed this up, I would be alone and lonely forever. As soon as I paid, I never heard from her again.

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Had several interviews over the phone and in person, and by the way, they don’t have a physical location, I met a lady in a hotel, the company is managed by few very rude ladies and one guy, Anton J., Marlene B., Lisa M., and Tameka M. from New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, anyway…… they wanted to make sure they knew everything about me so they can match me well, however; the first few matches were so fat, their arms were bigger than mine, I specifically asked for skinny girls, these individuals don’t have a clue about dating, they are nothing but a scam and only were trying to sell me and take my money.

I went on three dates.. The first was with an uninterested girl, who acted like she was being paid to be there, she was so ugly, and her teeth were spread apart, it was disgusting to even talk to her;. The 2nd date with a fat, ugly, divorced woman, that her arms were bigger than mine:. After, they put my membership on hold, without asking me, because it was going so poorly, they started to be rude, to a point that they started to hang up on me and play games.

After a few months, I wanted to get a refund:. I called IJL and they informed me that my membership was on hold and they could not give me a refund/. I made several calls and sent emails and now they are playing games, all I want is my money back, and I will go my way”.

If you’re reading this, you might assume I’m an ugly, uninteresting person, and you’ll be different. NOT TRUE. I thought that too when I read reviews, before signing up (about other people/bad reviews). On the contrary I am in mid age, handsome, slim, well off – I’m just saying. If you think the bad reviews are only from un-datable people, think again, this company is nothing but a scam.

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