Jack Daniels pulled barbeque chicken review – this chicken barbeque might have been made with Jack Daniels Tennessee whisky and it is good, but it isn’t great by any means.

Jack Daniels pulled chicken barbeque review

I bought the Jack Daniels pulled chicken barbeque and I was not impressed with it.

We went to BJ’s wholesale club the other day and we saw a 2 pound container of Jack Daniels pulled chicken barbecue that looked like something good to try with the kids.  Our kids love good barbecue and I was assuming that being that this was from Jack Daniels that this would be really good Southern barbecue.

The container says it’s fully cooked and all you have to do is just heat and serve it in your microwave or oven.  So that’s what we did and was ready in just a few minutes and then we put in buns and served it.  Apparently this pulled chicken barbeque from Jack Daniels as an acquired taste to it.

You see, we had already had the Jack Daniels pulled pork barbecue and that was pretty good.  So maybe we were kind of spoiled with their pulled pork barbecue.  Regardless, the pulled chicken BBQ doesn’t taste as good.  And it has more of an aftertaste and it’s smokier.  You can definitely taste the smoke in the chicken barbecue.  You could not taste this in the pork.

The kids did not want to finish their chicken barbecue sandwiches at all as they did not like it.  My middle son only took one bite and said it was gross.  I ate my sandwich and so did my wife, but I was not impressed with this pulled chicken barbecue from Jack Daniels.  It was okay, but that was it.

This pulled chicken barbeque was nothing close to outstanding or anything like that.  I have had far better pulled chicken barbeque in the past few years to compare this to.  But I will say this it was at least better than the local Boy Scouts barbecue that they were selling for their fundraiser – that was single-handedly the worst barbecue I’ve ever had.

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Maybe the chicken barbecue does not fare as well when it is packaged and refrigerated for stores like BJ’s.  That is possible and maybe the pork barbecue fared better for grocery stores and the like.  I have seen cases in foods or this is the case.  So maybe if you could have possibly had it one it was freshly made at Jack Daniels it might have been far better.

I was not impressed with it, but I will say the Jack Daniels pulled chicken barbecue was okay.  It was acceptable but it was definitely not the best barbecue I’ve ever had.


  • craigcwiley says:

    It’s not a bad meal in a pinch, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make it a meal often. I was not blown away.

  • j anderson says:

    way too sweet almost unpalatable will not buy this again. entire family did not finish their sandwich. should get money back

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