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Jack in The Box, no gloves, gross employees and just plain disgusting crap!

jack in the box review

jack in the box review

I used to like Jack-in-the-Box. They had great hamburgers at great prices. They also had a breakfast sandwich that I loved and you could get it with an orange juice and hash browns for around three dollars. But that all changed one day when I went through the drive through at my local Jack-in-the-Box in the University area.

Apparently no one making your sandwiches, burgers or other food there wears gloves. I might be okay with that as long as they washed their hands constantly and kept clean, but what I saw would’ve grossed out anyone. And it was all in a period of a couple of minutes of sitting at the drive through window – a couple of minutes that will be forever burned in my memory.

The person that took my money sneezed all over their hands and then proceeded to wipe them off in their shirt and pants. They didn’t go to wash their hands. Instead they went and got food ready and put sandwiches in the bag and so on. Then apparently working there might’ve made them itch or something or maybe they just needed to readjust themselves down there. Whatever the reason, they didn’t just do it like most people would on the outside of their pants.

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No, that would’ve been too easy and too neat for them. Right in front of me at the drive-through they just stuck their hand down their pants and proceeded to either scratch or play with themselves – because it went on for a little too long anyway. When they were done they got us our drinks and food. They never want to go wash their hands off or anything.

That is just plain gross and disgusting. I don’t have phobias about cleanliness, but that is just plain nasty. I wonder what the department of health would say about that? Employees not washing their hands, adjusting themselves or playing with themselves and then immediately handling food. I can tell you this much, I will never go back to that Jack-in-the-Box again or any Jack-in-the-Box for that matter as they do not use gloves and this could happen anywhere at any of their restaurants. And I heavily recommend against going there.

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