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Jack in the Box Tacos review

Today (12/12/12) Jack in the Box had a special – 12 cent tacos. I got notified of this by email. I forgot, but a long time ago I had joined some kind of e-mail notification list on So, I took the family down to get a bunch of tacos. $.12 tacos seemed like a really good deal especially when you usually pay $.75 to a dollar for a Taco nowadays.

Jack in the Box tacos

The Jack in the Box we went to was the one at the corner of Mallard Creek Church and Prosperity Church – next to the CVS pharmacy.

Jack in the Box
10525 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28269
Phone:(704) 549-0522

Jack in the box tacos picture 2

When we pulled through the drive-through to order the tacos they told us he could only get four at a time, but if we wanted more they would just ring up more orders for us. So we ended up getting 24 tacos. Seemed like a great deal – 24 tacos for a little over $3.00! Try and beat that at Taco Bell! Then we got home to eat them we found out they were very thin tacos. Probably the thinnest tacos I’ve ever seen in my life – if you put them side by side it would take five of them to equal one regular taco at Taco Bell.

Jack in the Box tacos picture 3

You can easily see how thin they are in the pictures here. My husband took these pictures and it’s easy to see that they were probably about a quarter of an inch thick each. There was a sauce in the bottom that seem like a bean, meatloaf almost. There was lettuce and cheese. The cheese they used was American cheese and a slice or two cut up really small was in each. Some of the tacos were thicker then others.

Jack in the Box tacos picture 4

The Jack in the Box tacos tasted alright, but they definitely weren’t anything great. They also looked very greasy and I’m sure that can’t be healthy if you ate six or seven of these (you had to eat quite a few because they were so skinny and not filling). After eating a bunch of them you could definitely feel the grease in them. Overall I would have to rate them as okay. Edible but not great by any means. They were 12 cent tacos. You get what you pay for. So, don’t by any means go out of your way for these tacos and certainly don’t pay more then 12 cents each for them.

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