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Jack Rabbits Bar and Grill – the trashiest bar in Gastonia

This place was gross, I will never go back there again


So I was invited out for a friends birthday last night at Jack Rabbit’s in Gastonia, NC. I had never been, nor heard of the place before. However I was optimistic that it would be an okay place since my friend decided thats where she wanted to go.

I arrived about 10:30 and there weren’t too many people in the parking lot. It was still a little early, so I thought there was time for things to pick up a bit. I wasn’t too worried. The place looked a little “redneck” from the outside, but I wasn’t too surprised. I mean I was in Gastonia.

I walked in and was greeted by a girl checking ID’s. I handed her my ID and after checking it she said there was a $10 cover. I was absolutely baffled. A cover for a redneck bar like this? That is ridiculous.

I don’t really carry much cash on me so I asked if they take credit cards. She gave me a rude look, and kind of tilted her head to the left, and said “welllll there is an ATM right there…” I hate using ATM’s that aren’t at a bank. I have heard so many horror stories on the internet about debit card information being stolen from shady ATM machines. I wasn’t in a mood to leave and come back so I used the shady ATM.



Once I got inside it didn’t get much better. I met up with my friends sitting at a table, but on my way over there I saw one of the grossest things I had ever seen. There were two fat women making out on the pool table across the room. What was even more disturbing was there were three or four rednecks cheering them on with their Bass Pro Shop Gear on, wearing their camo hats.

Right then and there I knew this wasn’t going to be a good night. I saw toothless old men trying to dance up on younger fat women, and married WITH their wife standing right next to them trying to pick up a few of the girls at our table. That is just gross. What is wrong with these people.

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The drinks were ridiculously over price too. I figured for a redneck bar, where the majority of the people don’t make a ton of money the drinks would be reasonable. Boy I was I wrong… It was $4 for a beer, and all the mixed drinks started at $7. Those are prices you would see at a nice club. Not a trashy redneck bar.

I ended up staying for a few drinks with my friends but got out of there as fast as I could. This was no place I wanted to be. I felt like I could have gotten an STD just sitting there. Jack Rabbit’s Bar and Grill has to the trashiest bar in Gastonia.

3 thoughts on “Jack Rabbits Bar and Grill – the trashiest bar in Gastonia

  1. It’s a red neck wanna be bar … over priced under interesting and the cops are there all the time …. they watch for drunks leaving the parking lot like crazy

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