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Japan and their nuclear problem – the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is releasing radiation that is reaching all over the world now!

Japan and their nuclear problem
The nuclear power plants in Japan are releasing all sorts of harmful radiation and have been for quite some time. When will they get smart and entomb them like they did with Chernobyl?

Just a week ago and even as close as a few days ago they were saying that they were getting things under control at the nuclear power plant in Japan after the Honshu earthquake and following tsunami that occurred on March 11, 2011 and devastated the north eastern areas of Japan.  Now it’s looking like things were getting worse and worse every day and the government and the executives at the Tokyo Electric Power have been greatly underestimating the damage and the amounts of radiation.

Some of the radiation be given off has lower half lives and is less dangerous as it will generally disappear or become inert in a period as short as 2 to 3 months.  But now their talking about radioactive plutonium which has a very long half life.  if you get radioactive plutonium inside of your body it will stay active and continue to hurt your body possibly for the rest of your life.  This can easily result in all sorts of radiation related diseases and cancers.

Now just think what this mess is going to do to the world let alone Japan.  Radiation has now been found as far away as Great Britain and York State and it can all be tracked back to the radiation being emitted from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.  Long ago they should’ve done what they did in Russia at Chernobyl – smothered all six plants in lead and concrete.  It works.

They did this at Chernobyl and entombed the problematic meltdown.  But they didn’t do it fast enough at Chernobyl and tons of radiation got out and spread all over the world and mostly all over Europe.  Now the same thing is happening in Japan, but not with one nuclear reactor – with six nuclear reactors.  Plus all the spent nuclear fuel from all 6 reactors.  That’s a monumental nuclear problem that could easily dwarf Chernobyl.

Finally as of today they are stating that the plans are to scrap 4 of the reactors.  I wonder how they profess to do that and keep two of them alive.  This site has radiation so bad that workers cannot even work there at times.  They have found radioactive plutonium in the ground dirt all around the site.  there is no sense in ever trying to make any of those nuclear plants operable again.

Yes, there are risks and great risks with having nuclear power plants on unstable land like Japan.  the country of Japan is situated on one of the most volatile areas of the earth – what is called the ring of fire around the Pacific Ocean.  This includes Japan, some parts of Alaska, California and the west coast of South America.  Of all these land areas in the ring of fire Japan is situated on the most active area of all.

If you go back and look at earthquake history in recent years you will see that Japan and its surrounding areas has had more earthquakes than any other place on the planet.  so why would you on earth build nuclear power plants right next to the coast in an area known for high earthquake activity and tsunamis?  That is just plain stupidity.

It would have been far wiser to build wind generators off the shore or on land.  These could easily produce the same amount of power and with far lower repercussions in the case of an earthquake or tsunami.  Regardless, the government of Japan built these things and even put six of them in a row (an even stupider idea).  They should have entombed them in concrete a long time ago.  Now they have released tons of radiation that will go everywhere and it’s quite a mess.

Hopefully now they will get their act together and bury this whole mess so that there’s no more radiation emitted.  I also hope that there is some learning from this so that this doesn’t happen again in the future.

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