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Jasons Deli Review – this place has great food, but it is a little too expensive!

I had a great experience at Jasons Deli

It was lunch time and I was across town visiting a client in Charlotte, NC. I was trying to avoid eating any fast food, I looked around for a place that was a little healthier. I was driving down Harris Blvd and saw a sign for Jasons Deli. I had never heard of this place so I decided to try it out.

I walked in and the place was pretty crowded, but the line wasn’t too long. I needed to stand off to the side looking at the menu so I had let a few people jump in front of me. I was impressed with the variety that they offered at Jasons Deli. They had sandwiches, wraps, subs, potatoes, salads, and various pasta dishes. Not too bad for a deli.

I decided to go with the deli club that they had their. I placed my order for the sandwich and a drink and was taken back by the price. It was $11 for all that. Now that is a bit much to be paying for lunch, but I guess I’d deal with it. I hope it was a good as their were charging for it.

I got my drink and sat down at the table. The nice part about it was that they brought your food to you. I really liked the convenience. The food didn’t take too long to come out to the table. Maybe 5 minutes or so.

It looked very appetizing so I dug right in to eat. I was very impressed with how they stacked the sandwich with a lot of meat. These days you see places getting really skimpy with the amount of food they put on your sandwiches. I must say that it was really good. I would definitely get it again.

I would go back to Jasons Deli I just don’t think I would make it an everyday thing. The food was definitely good, but just a little too pricey for me. I would recommend trying it at least one time. They looked like they really had a lot to offer.

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