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Jerry Ackerman Toyota car dealership complaint and review – lies, lies and more lies from the shadiest sales staff I have ever seen!

Jerry Ackerman Toyota car dealership review and complaint
I went to Jerry Ackerman Toyota and found them trying to lie and rip me off to the tune of several THOUSAND dollars. I ended up getting a price more than $5,000 below theirs for the same car at another car dealership!


I happened to be looking for a used family car for my family and I found a Ford with low miles that I was interested in at Jerry Ackerman Toyota (3636 S. Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO (314) 351-3000).  So I called the car dealership to try and see if they would take a lower price on the car that was more to my liking.  They wouldn’t negotiate anything over the phone regardless and told me I had to come in and that they would give me a great price on that vehicle.

So I went to their car dealership and test drove the car and then we went inside to work up some prices.  Their prices were not great in the least.  They first started at a price above their original price – this blew my mind.  They tried to tell me that there was an error quoted in the price that I had.  The price I had was from a newspaper ad that they had run in the local newspaper!

That was their advertisement and now they were trying to tell me that there was an error in their advertisement and they wanted me to pay over $2000 more for the same exact car.  I don’t think there was any error in that advertised price.  It is of my opinion from the rude customer service that I had at Ackerman’s Toyota that they just lie to their customers as they see fit.

With this lie they were hoping that they had $2000 extra profit margin in case they needed it for negotiations.  This way if they had to come down $1500 for me they still had their original profit margin plus an extra $500.  I’ve never heard of a car dealership that advertises one price in newspaper and then when you come in on it bumps the price $2000 – isn’t that illegal?

That’s false advertising to say the least.  I wouldn’t budge off the price I had my mind that I wanted to pay for this vehicle and the price I wanted and knew they could easily do and sill make a profit was $2500 below their advertised price.  And that would make it $4500 below their questionable raised price.




They tried, at first, to show me a $500 discount from their “new, raised or corrected” price.  So I bet they were trying to get me to pay $1500 more than the advertised price and they thought that was a great deal on the car!  Right – not!  So we negotiated for a while but I did not come up much at all from my price.  And they refused to come near my price and my price was very reasonable based on the year, make, model, current mileage and condition of the car.

I knew what that car was worth and had looked it up previously on numerous high trust websites like an others.  I knew what that car was worth and what I should pay for that car.  Not only that but I had also been to another car dealership that had the same exact vehicle with lower miles for just a tad bit over what I wanted to pay – but at a price that was much lower (several thousand dollars lower) then what Ackerman Toyota of Saint Louis Missouri wanted me to pay.

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Basically our negotiations ended at an impasse as we were thousands of dollars apart.  I ended up leaving and going back to the other car dealership were they actually came down more on the price of their car and I actually ended up at a price lower than what I was shooting for!  This price was over $5000 less than what I would’ve paid at Ackerman Toyota!

Jerry Ackerman Toyota of St. Louis Missouri is a complete ripoff and scam car dealership!  Stay away from Jerry Ackerman Toyota unless you like being ripped off to the tune of thousands of dollars!

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3 thoughts on “Jerry Ackerman Toyota car dealership complaint and review – lies, lies and more lies from the shadiest sales staff I have ever seen!

  1. I must agree with the person that made this complaint. Ackerman Toyota is a very sketchy place. They tried to offer me half of what other car dealers were for my trade. I ended up saving about $4,000 on the exact same new car by buying elsewhere. They gave me the run around and tried to tell me I was being lied to when in fact it was the guys at Ackerman Toyota that were doing all the lying.

  2. So you feel that you can go in to the place and haggle them down….but they are not allowed to haggle you up??? They are just doing the same thing you are….you try to screw them….they try to screw you…..who cares thats life!!

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