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JP Looneys Restaurant Review – they had good drink specials, but the food was just okay

This place had good drinks specials but the food wasn't anything great.

It’s baseball season and that means my friends and I go out to the bars to watch the games on the weekends. A friend of mine lives in Oak Ridge NC and recommended we go to JP Looneys because it was near his house. I had never been before but agreed to try it out.

We got there and the place wasn’t too crowded. I guess that was okay, we didn’t have a problem getting a good seat at the bar. They had some good deals for $1.50 domestics so we decided to get a couple of those while we looked over the menu for some food.

They had a pretty big selection for a sports bar which was pretty impressive. I normally go for a burger and fires at a place like this but decided to get something a little healthier in some grilled chicken with a baked potato. My buddy got a burger.

The food came out fairly quickly. I wouldn’t say I had anything to complain regarding the service, however I was not impressed with. My chicken was very rubbery and was bland. There was almost no flavor to it. My baked potato was like a rock. I had to use a steak knife to cut into the thing. Once I got it open it didn’t taste much better.

My friend said his burger was fine but nothing to write home about. I’m not sure I’d come there to eat again, but the drink specials were good. We had enough to be feeling pretty good at the end of the night and we didn’t really spend a lot of money.

I don’t know if I’ll be back there in Oak Ridge any time soon. I may try a different local sports bar if I am and I’m hungry. JP Looneys food was the greatest as seen with the rubber chicken and rock hard potato. I guess thats what you get from a sports bar though.

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