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Jupiter Jack car radio speakerphone review – reception clarity of this speakerphone attachment is terrible at best!

Jupiter Jack car radio speakerphone review and complaint
I bought the Jupiter Jack and was not impressed.


I was enthralled by a TV infomercial that I saw future this cool little device you plug into your cell phone so you can be completely hands-free and it supposedly works on every make and model of cell phone – even smart phones. If this was really true this would be a very handy and dandy device. The device was called the Jupiter Jack car radio speakerphone.

The prices seem to be different almost every time I see the Jupiter Jack infomercial with Billy Mays on TV, but the price that I ended up paying for the Jupiter Jack, if I remember correctly, was $19.99 and they sent me two of them at that price. I think the shipping and handling was another $10, but don’t quote me on that.

Anyways, so I was highly anticipating the arrival of this cool little device. Unbeknownst to me it took a good five a half weeks for it to get delivered to me. That is some of the slowest shipping in the United States that I have ever seen. So I plugged it in to my cell phone (a Blackberry storm) and set the radio station in my car radio to the one the directions said to.




The Jupiter Jack speakerphone worked, but the communication was garbled most of the time and had a really hard time hearing and communicating with other people through my cell phone with it. I have since talked to the experts at my local cellphone store (Verizon) and they told me that they have actually used the Jupiter Jack themselves and that it totally sucked.

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They, in their own words, said the thing had very spotty reception and many times you have no idea what the other person saying or vice versa they have no idea what you’re saying. That is not a handy and dandy device in my book. That is a poorly made product that is probably not made in the United States for profit reasons (it’s probably made in another country like China, Thailand or Malaysia or they have much lower standards for product safety and performance).

I gave the Jupiter Jack car radio speakerphone quite some time to work and every opportunity I could for about a month – I figured maybe it was new and needed to be broken in, or similar. But this never changed. The performance of the Jupiter Jack was horrible at best as reception was terrible most of the time. This was definitely not one of my better purchases.

I definitely do not recommend this product at all because it truly does suck.

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