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Katz Baseball Glove Review – This tiny Meriden CT baseball shop has the best baseball gloves you’ll find anywhere

Katz Gloves has a superior product. I really do love my new Katz Baseball Glove.

So it’s baseball season again and it’s about time I got a new glove. I had my previous baseball glove for about 6 years, and was beginning to fall apart. Also I was making a position change this year from the infield to the outfield so I figured it was time to get a bigger baseball glove anyways.

A friend of mine recommended I try Katz Gloves in Meriden CT. He said they will have the best gloves that you will be able to find. They come already broken in, so the baseball glove is game ready the day you buy. I was a bit skeptical about all that but I decided to check it out anyways.

I walked in on a quiet Tuesday afternoon to find a sitting behind a desk playing a guitar. It was obvious he was bored, since there was no one else in the shop. Usually when someone enters the store you would acknowledge them and try to sell you some of their product.

However this was not the case. I walked in, I merely a head nod and he went back to just playing his guitar. This was a bit strange, but anyways I walked around the tiny store looking to see what kind of gloves they had.

I had found some that were okay, but I needed some assistance with what I was looking for. I called the man over asking for help, and he looked really annoyed. I asked him some questions about his gloves and what he had for outfielders. He showed me a few models, but was very arrogant in his mannerisms, and appeared to be talking down to me. I was very put off by how I was treated there.

I really liked what I saw, and his product was definitely high quality, but I’d rather take my business elsewhere because he acted so rude towards me. He also said he only accepts cash in the store, and I didn’t have enough cash on me to buy one on the spot even if I wanted one.

I checked elsewhere in some other local baseball shops, and online. The gloves they had were okay, but didn’t nearly match the quality of the Katz Gloves. I was a bit disappointed by this because I didn’t really want to give this jerk my business, but if I wanted a high quality glove it looked like that was going to be the case.

I came back a week later with some extra cash on me and talked to him more about the baseball gloves. I found out that he was the owner (David Katz), I’m assuming thats where the name Katz Gloves came from.

I was very impressed with the one trapeze model outfield glove. The baseball glove really was game ready. It felt like it had been broken in with use of over a year, but was actually a brand new baseball glove. I was very impressed with the feel, and how easy the glove opened and closed. It was like I had been using this glove my whole life. Below is a picture of the baseball glove I bought.

Here is the glove I ended up purchasing.

I decided to go with that glove in the end and paid cash for it like he asked. It was a bit pricey, but I felt like it was well worth it. The guy Katz is kind of a jerk, but he definitely has a good product. I would recommend anyone to buy a baseball glove there if you are looking for a high quality product. However I would be wary of the owner. He’s a bit arrogant.

4 thoughts on “Katz Baseball Glove Review – This tiny Meriden CT baseball shop has the best baseball gloves you’ll find anywhere

  1. You’re right that guy at Katz is a dick. His product is good though. I really like my glove I got from there last winter.

  2. Three years ago my son was at an AAU Tourney in Branford, CT. We saw a table full of broken in gloves, at the time he didn’t need a new one, but he was due for one soon. At $130 cash it was a little much for a 10 year old but we bought it. The owner was helpful, let my son try on whatever he wanted and we bought it. Well this glove has been the BEST glove ever, he got hurt at baseball last month, in the hurry to get him out of there we left his glove, someone stole it. Without that glove he is having a hard time. I am calling Katz to see where he’ll be, no other glove will do. If your child is a serious ball player, don’t waste time trying to do it yourself. This glove is READY to GO!

    And I did not find the owner rude or arrogant at all. Yes he only takes cash, but that’s his policy

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