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Keith Pierson Toyota Scion of Jacksonville Florida review – this car dealership is wacked – they are in permanent ripoff mode and try and scam every customer!

Keith Pierson Toyota Scion of Jacksonville Florida review
I went to Keith Pierson Toyota to check out some new Toyotas and found them to be a very shady operation!

I have bought numerous cars in the past, but I wanted to buy a new Toyota this time as I knew they were very reliable cars and I had a few Yoyotas in the past, but never a new one. So I headed down to the local Toyota dealer here in Jacksonville Florida – Keith Pierson Toyota Scion. I thought the place look nice and welcoming, but beneath that nice exterior lurked a scam operation that was just unbelievable.

From the moment I walked onto the car dealership lot after I got out of my car I felt as if someone was trying to cram a new vehicle down my throat. Regardless what I said the salesperson kept telling me that I’m buying a car today. The salesperson almost didn’t want me to go on a test drive with them and then brought out another sales person so that they could tag team me.

If one shady salesperson wasn’t enough, now I had two – this was done under the idea that the one salesperson was in training and the other one was their trainer. I highly doubt that that was true and it was probably just a ploy to make sure that I bought a car that day and didn’t get away without buying one. I think what they were doing was they were feeling me out at first to see if I was a real buyer and then when they determined that I was a real buyer that’s when the other salesperson chimed in and they started double teaming me.

There was a lot of talk and forth between them were they told each other that I was buying this car today. I hadn’t yet even looked at any other cars and was interested in looking at other cars, but they had no interest in showing anything else and were determined that I was cannot buy that one car right there for whatever reason. Maybe they got a special bonus for selling that one car? I don’t know.

All I know is from the moment I walked onto the lot at Keith Pierson Toyota I felt extremely uncomfortable and the salespeople were literally trying to cram a new vehicle down my throat. We’re done with the test drive neither of the salesperson’s had any interest in letting me drive or look at any other vehicles. When I asked them if I could look at some other vehicles they just told me I had to go inside with them and then they would take care of it there.

When I got inside they sat me down at table. Next thing I know this sales manager sits down and starts telling me that the salesperson’s that I had told him that I’m buying that first and only car that I test drove today. When I told him I just started looking he looked confused and then tried to blame it on me. He started playing games of telling me that I was playing games and that they were set to seriously give me a great price on this car but if I didn’t want that…

Then they tried to say that I look great in that car and that the car definitely suited me. Without even working out prices I was then shoehorned into the finance manager’s office. There the finance manager told me I needed to fill out a credit application. When I told the man that I was just beginning to look and I felt as if I was having a car crammed down my throat there at Keith Pierson Toyota, he started playing games to.

The finance manager tried to place the blame on me by saying that I told him and everyone else there that I wanted this car and I wanted it so bad I didn’t care about the price or anything – that is absolute hogwash. I only came in to this car dealership to test drive some of the newer cars and make sure a Toyota was what I wanted. I did not want to have a car crammed down my throat and be taken advantage of and scammed at the same time.

I like any normal person, once I had selected the car that I wanted to buy, would have begun to negotiate the price with the car dealership. I know that invoice pricing and I know how to figure out what I should pay for these cars. I would never in 1 million years agree to the full sticker price on a regular Toyota Camry. That was what they were trying to pull on me. And the best part was they were trying to say that I told them that that’s the way I wanted it. Yeah, right – like I decided to go in that dealership that day and tell them that I want to be ripped off and fleeced and I want to pay full MSRP on a Toyota Camry.

I don’t think so. So at this I got up to leave. The finance manager actually tried to block me from being able to leave and I told him that if he didn’t stop that and let me go I was going to call the police on my cell phone. At that he reneged and let me go. What a disgusting and horrible experience I had at Keith Pierson Toyota Scion. My advice to everyone is to stay far away from that car dealership in Jacksonville Florida. There’s way too many lies and they will try to scam you and rip you off.

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  1. Pierson Toyota sucks. They ripped me off big time. I found later that I could have gotten a price $2,000 less at another nearby car dealership. Avoid their shady car salesmen!

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