Ken Griffey Instructo Swing Batting Tee Review – This batting tee really helped my son progress as a hitter

This batting tee really does help improve your swing. My son loves it!

I have been coaching my sons all the way from tee ball through little league. It has been a great passion of mine, and I have done all I can to help them become the best player they can. I have tried different hitting tools to help them improve their swing as well as hang eye coordination.

I had heard about the Ken Griffey Instructo Batting Tee, and was interested in finding out some more information about it. I did some research online and saw that there were some pretty good things said about it so I decided to order one for my youngest son.

The box came in the mail about a week later and my son was very excited. I assembled it that night and took him to the park the next day to go hit off the tee. I read over what the proper way to hit off of it and explained them to my son as he began to work on his swing.

It definitely took a while for him to get the hang of it, but once he got a few weeks of practice under his belt you can really his his swing transform into something great. You could really see him swinging down on the ball, and driving the ball into the gaps during his little league games.

I just wish I had found this for my older sons to use when they were still playing baseball. It was very popular amongst his friends as well. It got to the point where I set up a screen in our backyard for him and his friends to hit off of on a regular basis.

Some of the products I have tried have worked okay, but nothing has worked better than the Ken Griffey Instructo Swing Batting Tee. This product really is the ultimate batting tee. This tee is the real deal when it comes to teaching you how to hit correctly. I would definitely recommend this to any young baseball playing aspiring to improve his swing.

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