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Kenny Kingston Psychic Network review – this psychic hotline really works!

Kenny Kingston psychic network review
Kenny Kingston psychic network psychics really delivered for me! You have to read this to believe it and it's 100% true!

We just suffered a big family tragedy. My father – the rock of Gibralter of our family – passed away with no warning and his estate was in a complete mess. Family were fighting over who gets what and his spouse was trying to take everything from everybody including the grandchildren (she’s a sick, sick person). So we needed some guidance in this situation so we called the Kenny Kingston psychic network hotline at 1(800)298-2065.

The psychic but I spoke to at the psychic network was extremely nice and understanding. She listened everything I had to say and only asked a few questions. She wasn’t trying to probe me for answers to anything like I had heard from some scammy psychics out there.

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Then she gave me some revelations and some guidance that could only have come from my recent passed away father. She told me that my stepmom was having an affair and that she killed my father by poisoning him and he knew that she did it. She then went on to tell me that everything would work its way out as that certain step parent couldn’t get the funds for the grandchildren because they were in a trust.

She even was able to give me the exact name of the bank that had the trust, the trust name, the trustee my father had selected on the trust to replace him, and, amazingly, the actual account number of the trust. I was skeptical when she told me these things but when I contacted the bank to find this out it was all 100% correct! That was just amazing.

With this information we were able to get the trusts secured for the grandchildren and out of the hands of the greedy step parent. Unfortunately with this information I was not able to get the police to probe into the matter of my father’s death and the possible poisoning that the psychic said occured. But I totally agree with this that it occurred this way as his death was just too fishy.

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Anyway, since then I’ve contacted this same psychic at the Kenny Kingston psychic hotline several times for information and each time I have come away with a lot of knowledge I would not have had any other way. I truly believe that this lady must talk to the spirits out there. There is no other way she could’ve gotten information like this.

All I can say here is if you need guidance and wish to seek the help of a psychic definitely give the psychics at Kenny Kingston’s psychic hotline a try – you will be impressed like I was.

2 thoughts on “Kenny Kingston Psychic Network review – this psychic hotline really works!

    1. They are nothing but con artists!! They kept telling me I was going to get a job offer by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!! Nothing and I mean NOTHING Maya or Dave at extension 1550 said and promised ever happened. Now I am flat broke and still looking for work while those two bastards got my money! May your whole team and system rot in hell!!!

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