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KFC Victorville, Adelanto CA fried chicken review – they serve terrible, greasy fried chicken at this KFC restaurant!

KFC Victorville, Adelanto CA fried chicken review
I got some fried chicken at the KFC here and it was so greasy it was inedible.

I felt like having some good fried chicken today and I hadn’t had good fried chicken in a while. I saw an advertisement on TV for KFC where they claimed to have the best fried chicken in the world. The advertisement or commercial left my mouth watering for some KFC. I had never had KFC before and this made it look really good.

So I went to the local KFC here in Adelanto California. I did drive through because I didn’t want to eat inside the restaurant. I wanted to eat the fried chicken at home because I was going to watch Dawn of the Dead on TV – I had previously recorded it on my DVR so I could watch it later when I had time.

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14258 US Highway 395
Adelanto, CA 92301-6701
(760) 246-8999

When I got home and opened up the fried chicken I got from KFC I saw that it was all dripping wet with grease. As I dug farther inside the container the bottom pieces were the worst. I tried to bite one of the pieces of fried chicken and it was horrible. It was so greasy that it had almost no taste to it – it just tasted like grease.

I can make a better fried chicken then what I got from the KFC. I tried to take each piece of chicken and blot it with a paper towel to draw off some of the grease. It didn’t help. There was no crunchiness to this chicken what so ever. It was all ruined in my opinion – I don’t know how anyone could eat fried chicken that was this greasy and nasty.

I didn’t feel like going back out to the KFC to return the chicken so I ordered a pizza instead. I was determined to watch the movie I had on my DVR and relax. I had worked a lot of hours this week at the drugstore. I deserved some good food and a cool movie. I had not seen Dawn of the Dead yet and I love Zombie and monster movies so I was looking forward to this.

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I will go to the KFC near Victorville tomorrow with their nasty, greasy fried chicken and get a refund. I still don’t see how they can sell crap like that and refer to it as being the best fried chicken out there. When in fact it may actually be the worst fried chicken out there instead. I have never had fried chicken as bad as the chicken I got from the KFC here in Adelanto.

Don’t get fried chicken from that KFC unless you want soggy, non-crispy, super greasy chicken. It was gross and nasty. Their greasy fried chicken couldn’t possibly be good for your health.

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