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Kickasstorrents torrent downloading website review – this site has all the great torrents for downloading with no viruses!

kickasstorrents torrent downloading website review
I used to use The Pirate Bay until I got fed up with all the viruses and malware. Then I switched to KickassTorrents and it was like I found downloading heaven!

I am a torrent downloading addict – since my first free download several years ago I have learned I can get anything I want for free through the Internet and I haven’t been able to stop myself since.  I first started with the Pirate Bay, but soon found out that this was the world’s leading toward downloads website and it also was the leading virus infected torrents site.  So I had to find a new torrent download website and I happened upon Kickasstorrents which turned out to have all the torrents of the leading websites with none of the malware or viruses.

This is what was getting me down on the pirate Bay.  You could download anything you want but most likely nine times out of 10 the item or torrent you downloaded didn’t work or came infected with viruses, Trojan horses, worms, malware, spyware, etc…  all this stuff is harmful and even with the best virus protection and Internet security suites out there some of it still gets through and can really mess up your computer and even your life – especially with identity theft at all-time highs.

So I needed a new outlet record get all the latest movies, games for my PC based laptop computer, books, girly magazines, etc…  so I happened upon this website Kickasstorrents ( that had all the latest torrents I could want.  From the latest kids movies like ToyStory 3 to hot movies like Zombieland, Green Zone and more, KickassTorrents has it all.

Now the only problem all say that I’ve had with KickassTorrents is that because it’s a smaller website with fewer users than the pirate Bay sometimes it takes a while to find enough people to download a torrent off of.  Also if you’re looking for something that’s very rare or hard to find you may not be able to find someone to downloaded from.

As long as you stick to the most popular movies, games, books and more you shouldn’t have a problem.  But if you’re looking for something unique and particular then you may need to search for some other torrent sites also.  But the best thing is that there’s no viruses and malware that I have run into with the torrents that I have downloaded through Kickass Torrents.

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There are also a lot of cracks and patches for popular games and software on this website.  This is extremely helpful as otherwise you have to search all over the Internet to find these things in half the time they don’t work.  On KickassTorrents they actually rank and tell you if something works or does not and there’s also comments telling you from users whether these torrents are valid or suck.

If you’re looking for a torrent downloading website to replace The Pirate Bay then you definitely need to check out Kickasstorrents.  This is my favorite and most useful torrent downloading website – plus its 100% free – you can’t beat free!

3 thoughts on “Kickasstorrents torrent downloading website review – this site has all the great torrents for downloading with no viruses!

  1. I have NEVER had a problem finding what I wanted on that site, which by the way, is not I download 5-10 torrents every single day ranging from tv shows, movies, apps for android, and the occasional software or game for Linux. In the past 10 years of using KAT I have NEVER once gotten a virus, not even through an MP3 D/L… that’s impressive. I don’t even go anywhere else, if its not on there I don’t download it..PERIOD. 10/10 rating if you ask me (except for the very rare occasion that there server is slow, which is to be expected on such a large site)

    HAPPY Torrenting

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