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Kirby vacuum cleaners are not a bad business – I made some money selling these vacuum cleaners

Kirby vacuum cleaners are not a bad business
I worked for Kirby selling vacuum cleaners and it wasn’t that bad. I made some money and had fun – I also learned a lot.

Hi Everybody!
I would like to share my experience with Kirby Vacuum Cleaners.

I first heard about the job through and ad on Craigslist, the job was very vague, and said something about receptionist, so I thought I would check it out.

They scheduled me for an interview, and they explained the different job openings they had.

They told me how much I could make as a receptionist, and then they showed me how much I could make cleaning carpets.

I CHOSE the cleaning carpets myself, because I wanted to make more money to get out of debt.

I went to orientation Wednesday, listened to the distributor talk about the company,and I was impressed.
He told us we don’t have to worry about trying to sell them all because we are new, we just have to show the people the vacuum, and he will close the sales for us, he told us he is a very good salesmen, and he will close all of the sales, he just needs us to do a good job showing the customers the vacuum 🙂

Well I was in orientation Wednesday through Friday. (Not paid, and he told us we wouldn’t be getting paid) I was okay with that. I really wanted to learn how to make all this money, so I stuck with it.

Saturday I got to take the vacuum home, and practice doing demonstrations at my families house, and friends house. They all fell in love with the vacuum, so I got to sell a few,and got some cool bonuses 🙂 Like a free gift certificate, and cash! Plus whatever I made on the 2 vacuums. lol.

Then Monday came around, our first day of real work.

It was definitely different, it isn’t your average job. Me the owner, and 3 other people all got into the van, and we drove 45 minutes to a small town, and the owner got us all into our own houses, on the spot. When I got there, I was kind of nervous, but tried not to show it. I cleaned the carpet for the old couple, and explained to them, the different tools, and showed them all the dirt.

I was trying to be friendly, and nice, then after 2 hours the owner came, and talked to the customers, and they bought it! I sold my first vacuum, and I was so proud of myself, he negotiated the price a little bit, because they were seniors, but yeah! I was very proud of myself.

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This is how we got paid, if you sell 3 Kirby’s a week, you get $300.00 guaranteed. Plus you get money from each Kirby you sold!

So if I only sold 2 Kirby’s for $1,500.00 and the other for $1,115.00 then my paycheck would of been $300.00 🙂 Because I got Half of over $1000.00 So anything over $1000.00 would be split in half with my boss.

Well, I kept working, and putting in a lot of hours, I was very dedicated, and made good money. The only problem I had with the job was that I didn’t have enough time to see my boyfriend, so I had to quit. We were working sometimes until 10 o clock at night, and I had no social life.

If I was single, I would definitely still be there, because I made very easy money. All I had to do was be nice to people, show them how good the vacuum worked, show them the dirt, and they wanted it!

I don’t know why people on here are complaining. I am sure there are a lot of businesses out there that are not running it the way they are supposed to, but that doesn’t mean that EVERY Kirby business is bad. It doesn’t mean that every person that sells Kirby products is a bad person.

I don’t have any criminal background, but I do see a lot of people that have had simple misdemeanors that are hired, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

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Kirby has a law, where they CANNOT hire anyone that has a felony. You can call them and ask.

They will NOT hire a felon, they do background checks. Maybe in the past someone did hire a felon, but now if they do that, they will get their business shut down.

There was a point in time where I made over $1000.00 a week.

This isn’t a regular job. You have a chance to run your OWN company with this job, you have the opportunity to make A LOT of money. It just depends how MOTIVATED you are, and how much TIME you have to invest in this.

If you sell a Kirby you WILL make profits on each one.

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6 thoughts on “Kirby vacuum cleaners are not a bad business – I made some money selling these vacuum cleaners

  1. Who wrote this? This is obviously written by someone at Kirby. I wouldn’t let these creeps near my house. Why do they only sell to elderly people and who needs a $2,000 vacuum cleaner? Did you know you can buy the same Kirby vacuum cleaners on Ebay for a fraction of the price? I just saw a brand new one that retails for $1500 sell for $299 on Ebay and with free shipping to top it off!

  2. Kirby is a complete scam! They came by my apartment the other day and tried to take advantage of me with some really shady sales tactics. The girl was pleading with me telling me that she needs to make some sales or her children are going to go hungry and more. It was ridiculous. Do not let Kirby sales people into your home.

  3. I agree with strong will lover and Edwin – the Kirby sales people are very pushy and their vacuum cleaner is way over priced. They came by my house and tried to sell me an $1800 vacuum cleaner. The feature they were trying to sell me on is that it had reverse. That might be nice, but I am not going to pay $1800 to have a vacuum cleaner that goes in reverse. Besides, I heard that it just means there is another expensive belt to break. Another thing is that when a vacuum cleaner comes with all those attachments (literally hundreds with the Kirby) that you are bound to lose or break many of these and they are very expensive to replace. To me, Kirby is just another shady company selling expensive items that nobody really needs. If the folks at Kirby come calling don’t answer the door and if they won’t go away and stop ringing your door bell call the police. I did that and they went running (probably because they had outstanding warrants)!

  4. I called the ad posted in Craiglist,which is for GPI distrubution, and extention of KIRBY, i called and told them i have received an email for a job interview,inmediatly they schedule a time and date, when i asked for information about their company and the position i applied which is customer service, they did not wanted to provide me with that info, i said what kind of company does not tell about their business?…the woman on the phone kept telling me i needed to go to see what the job was about, INCREDIBLE!!.. so i though this is a fishy job, i wanted to cancel the interview the woman said okk thanks, and hanged up the phone very rudely…definetely this company is the worst and should be investigated, besides please make sure to find out who you are sending your resume and all info,because this company lacks to provide information, just go to and do reverse phone number, or address and the information that will come up will be kirby…this company is a totally mistery and full of lies.

  5. Thank you all for posting today, I just answered an ad on craigslist too since I was job searching. I got an appointment set up with them, I went to it. The interview was only 15 mins long with very little info. The guy I spoke to seemed pretty young and already started giving me nicknames like I am his buddy without even knowing me. If I recall, he never told me his name. Anyway, I walked out that interview happy and was told I would start tomorrow at 2pm. But I also had an appointment with DPS the next morning for the state trooper exam. It’s was a tough choice: State Trooper, or Kirby salesperson? After doing countless research on websites like these, it was clear what career I should choose. Thank you all! Maybe after I become a state trooper I can arrest these people for violating labor laws… 🙂 Well I have to get some sleep, it’s 4:30am and I have to pass the physical exam for state trooper! Going to sleep now. Bye

  6. I’ve never been on the sales side of Kirby, but on the consumer side. My mom has a Kirby, she’s had it since 1972, and she still uses it. Minor maintenance, like belts, and once a factory service after so many years of use. It is the vacuum cleaner of my entire childhood and the one that I measure all other vacuums by. Yes, it is heavy, because it is all metal and built like a tank. The reason I don’t have one is that I couldn’t justify the price tag, and I live in a rather modest place. But if you vacuum a lot, a Kirby will be the last vacuum you’ll ever need.

    The quality of the product is, imho, what sells these things. They are all sold by independent brokers who come to your house, and your mileage may vary quite a bit there. I’m sure there’s a lot of operators out there pitching the hard sell. But the quality of their product both in terms of build and of vacuum ability is best-of-breed. It’s really puzzling to me why they never broke out of this direct sales model. They’d do just fine in stores.

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