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I just paid for my first summer class at UNCC – $766.66. There isn’t much I can do about the tuition at UNCC and the fact that it just keeps on increasing every year. The good thing is that I’m only a few classes away from being done here, graduating and moving on. But one thing I could do something about was the price I pay for my textbooks.

I used to be able to depend on Bob and Ted’s low-priced textbook rentals every summer to save a bundle over the school bookstore and Greys across the street. The UNCC school bookstore charges ridiculous prices on everything and is a complete ripoff. Grey’s, which is right across the street from the school, isn’t a whole lot better. They might have a 5% better price on average.

Knetbooks textbook rental review
I saved over 50% on my textbook rentals by using!

Bob and Ted’s would rent me the textbooks I needed for my summer classes for around $28. Bob and Ted’s went out of business this past semester as everyone is now renting textbooks. The school bookstore wanted $67 to rent the book for the 5 week class – $67 to use a bok for just 5 weeks!. Grey’s wanted $57 for the same book. When I searched a little bit online and I found this online textbook website called Knetbooks which rents textbooks for less than half of what the school charges at their bookstore.

I rented my book for business policy for $33 and that included free shipping to me and free shipping to return the book to them when I was done with it. I also have a 60 day rental so I have over 2 weeks to return the book to them when I am done with it. That way there is no stress or anything like that. After reading consumer reviews on the website and finding that I would have the book during the first few days of classes, I decided to go ahead and do the rental through them.


The shopping cart on Knetbooks couldn’t have been easier. It literally only took me maybe a minute to complete the purchase and print out a receipt for my book rental. Now I know that I will have the book that I need for my class and I saved over 50% on the book rental! I saved $34 over what UNCC’s bookstore wanted for the book rental. I may not be able to save on tuition here at UNCC, but, as I’ve learned since I’ve started attending the school, you can always save on your books by buying or renting them elsewhere over the Internet.

Since I’ve been attending UNCC I have only bought three books here from the bookstore (Accounting 1,2 and Business Law). I am almost done and hopefully I won’t have to buy any more books from the outrageously priced bookstore here. So, if you’re going to class this summer or fall and you want to seriously save some money on your books, give a try. I did and I immediately saved over 50% on my book rentals!

They even pay for the return shipping when you are done with the book! You just login to their website and click return textbook and it will print out a pre-paid UPS return shipping label! How awesome is that? As long as Knetbooks has the books I need for my classes I will be using them for my textbook rentals.

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  1. Knetbooks is a completely illegitimate company and I can’t believe you support their business. I, along with many others, have received emails from them that our returned rental textbooks were returned damaged and they are now charging me $85. Completely ridiculous when we returned our textbooks in the exact same manner in which we received them. Don’t trust this company one bit, a complete hoax.

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