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Lab Corp laboratory testing review – this company is a scam!

Lab Corp laboratory testing review
Lab Corp is a great big scam and a bunch of liars - do not use them and do not use any doctor that does!

I went to the doctor recently because I had what I thought was bronchitis. I have had bronchitis numerous times over the years and so I basically know what it is and what it’s symptoms are. I also know the medication you are supposed to take for it and so on. this year, however, the doctor wanted to do some tests to make sure it was bronchitis.

He didn’t care that I have had it numerous times or that I and he clearly both knew I had bronchitis. He was determined to run these tests anyway or I wouldn’t get prescribed any medications. When I asked him how much the lab tests were going to be he said they would be low cost. So I said okay to them.

My fee for seeing the doctor was $150 (boy have these doctor’s visits for something routine like bronchitis gone up). I did not have insurance so I had to pay cash for the $150 and I left the office. The medicines the doctor gave me prescriptions for came to a total of $98 at Target’s pharmacy – ouch!

And I asked for generics from the doctor and the generics still came to $98! About three or four days later I was feeling better. This was a slow improvement and I was sure was going to take another week to get totally better at least. About a week later I got a letter in the mail from Lab Corp – they are the company that did the laboratory tests the doctor ordered.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the bill. It said that I owed $526 for various tests. There was only one test the doctor did when I was there. The bill said there was five tests done. I decided to look into this and I called a friend of my wife’s that does medical billing at the local hospital – you need to have someone with a medical billing experience look into these things because you have no idea what these codes are for – I think it should be illegal for them to list the bill to a customer with medical codes on it so they can’t possibly understand what these bills were for.

Anyway she looked into it and it turned out that not only did they bill me for the one test the doctor did, but they also billed me for a cancerous lesion test (a biopsy) and pregnancy test. Obviously the doctor did not remove any skin for my body for a biopsy so that test was never done. Also, I am a male, not a female – so the pregnancy test was an obvious error on their part along with the biopsy test.

I called up customer service number for Lab Corp. (1-800-845-6167) and explain to them that these tests and this bill were completely wrong and erroneous. They said they would look into it and get back to me. I didn’t hear anything from them for about five weeks. Then I received a letter in the mail they stated it was a second notice of the bill and a warning that if the bill was not paid in full shortly that this matter would be sent to collections.

I called the customer service number for Lab Corp. again and explain everything to them all over again that this bill was erroneous. Again I was told that they would look into it and not to worry about the bill. A few weeks later I found out they had sent my account to collections and I started receiving calls from some nasty collection jerks.

Well, you know what? Screw them. I have no money and live in the attic room in my parents house. I block every number they try to call me from and I will never pay this bill. they could’ve been honest at Lab Corp. and given me a corrected bill for the actual test that they did do. Instead they got greedy and tried to collect on monies that they shouldn’t even be receiving. This is illegal.

I will be reporting them to my state Governor’s office and the Better Business Bureau. I am sure that they have ruined my credit and they are going to pay for this. What a scam Lab Corp. is! Do not use Lab Corp. and don’t use doctors that use them – it’s all a great big scam!

2 thoughts on “Lab Corp laboratory testing review – this company is a scam!

  1. I got ripped off by Lab Corp. too. They sent me a bill for 0ver $700 for a pregnancy test! That was it – the same test you can get at Walmart for $10 and they tried to bill me over $700 for the same thing! They are crooks and criminals. Some governemnt agency needs to look into these scumbags!

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