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Lab Corp. medical testing laboratory review – Lab Corp. is a illegal medical billing scam!

Lab Corp. medical testing laboratory review
I was ripped of by Lab Corp. big time. Then I looked into it a little and found out they are a huge scam! Report them to your state attorney general!

Hey ya’ll – does Anyone know of any class action lawsuits against Lab Corp? There have to be at least a few out there by now with this scam medical lab company. Lab Corp. was referred by my Physician and they ended up overcharged me about triple what the same tests would have cost at another lab. I can easily verify that they ripped me off because they advertise on the internet and post their prices under

Apparently If you get referred by you doctor or have insurance they will charge whatever they can get away with. They somehow got insurance information from an old policy through my doctor and billed the insurance company directly. Well, of course the insurance company forwarded it on to me along with their denial letter (all in the same “idiot” business). When I saw the bill for over $600.00 for typical blood testing for school I called Lab Corps billing dept.

They were eager to make a quick deal for 20 percent off the bill and would let me pay it off over 10 months. Then I checked into what blood tests had cost me from other provider in the past and realized what a rip off it was compared to the other lab that did at least twice as much testing! I called Lab Corp. billing back and explained that they charge way too much money and I wanted to re-negotiate.

This time they were not so willing to make a deal so then the “LCA Collections” PAST DUE notices started coming sometmes weekly or bi-weekly Then last week I got “FINAL NOTICE” “PROTECT YOUR CREDIT” I must say this bogus scare tactic is hilarious, you really have to read the entire notice to appreciate genuine corporate sphincter humor! The last line says: “LabCorp reserves the right to refuse laboratory services for failure to pay for past services” (Like I’m going back there).

But the line before that says “PROTECT YOUR CREDIT HISTORY AND ACT IMMEDIATELY.” Well O.K. now we’re talking! So I went online and did some research and first I found out what they charge what they consider “special people.” Search for blood testing services on the internet as opposed to all the “regular type Joe blows” who go to or call their doctors office and get a referral.

Oh,this dope has insurance or is paying cash? CHA CHING!!! Next I did a quick internet search: “labcorp billing complaints” and after reading about all the law suits and illegal billing practices I ended up here. So I wrote them a long e-mail including links to the websites disclosing what they charge Joe Blow for the same service I received and let them know that it would be my pleasure to write to my state attorney general and the Dept. of consumer protection and any other known advocate for protecting consumers from big corporate bullys like Lab Corp.

Not to mention the feeding frenzy I could stir up by e-mailing every lawyer in the phone book and fill them in on all the successful lawsuits against Lab Corp.! My strategy: Fight corporate greed with hungry corporate greed sharks! I’ll settle for 15 percent….:

358 South Main Street
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
(336) 584-5171
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES:   Approximately 31,000 worldwide  
ANNUAL REVENUE:  $4.7 Billion (2009) – O.K. maybe 10 percent!
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER David P. King (should change it to “Bling”)

I was just wondering….whats wrong with the healthcare system in America? Why does it cost so much and why is it such a hassle to get medical care when you get sick? I dont have health insurance anymore, Now I have Life Insurance. Its cheaper and if I ever get an illness, so much less of a hassle to just step out in front of a speeding bus! Then my kids could afford health insurance!

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