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LabCorp messed up results for blood work tests and yet we are still being billed for their mess up!

My husband Thomas was placed on medicines by his oncologist for his terminal cancer about 6 months ago. He has been on these medicines to date and these medicines require that he have monthly blood tests. So the blood work was done in office and then sent out to LabCorp to get the results. normally this would be fine, but in several cases here LabCorp completely messed up the results and we were required to have more tests done and LabCorp kept right on billing even when the error was theirs.

Several of these test results they had the patient number wrong, the wrong tests were done or there were results that were indeterminable. In two cases they mixed up my husband’s blood work with another patient’s bloodwork. In each of these cases the error was on LabCorp. Due to these errors the tests had to be redone and more blood work was required. you would think because of their errors that they would not charge for the test results with the errors. That was not the case as they billed for every single test result.

LabCorp messed up results for blood work tests and yet we are still being billed for their mess up
LabCorp messed up results for blood work tests and yet we are still being billed for their mess up!

Because of these errors on the par of LabCorp our insurance denied covering many of these lab tests and results. So now LabCorp has sent us to collections for these erroneous test results they did. I refuse to pay for their errors and will take this to my state attorney generals office if I have to.

When they call to try and collect for these erroneous tests and results that they loused up they tell me they are going to ruin my credit and they must bill for all work performed regardless of the results. That is absolutely ridiculous as we had had numerous tests repeated because of their bad or erroneous results.

We ended up switching to and outside lab test provider here in Charlotte NC – Quest Diagnostics.

Quest Diagnostics – Charlotte-University
3541 Randolph Rd Ste 110
Charlotte NC 28211-1082

Since the switch there have been zero errors and something else – lower costs and bills. Quest Diagnostics can do all the same tests LabCorp does but I have found their prices are less then half of what LabCorp charges. So it is quite clear that Lab Corp. is a complete ripoff.

They are already located in your doctor’s office so you really don’t have a choice or are not told you have a choice. I looked into this and found that LabCorp made some illegal underhanded deals with doctors offices so they can be located in the house and get all of their lab test business. Then, once they’re located in the office they increase their prices to twice that of any other lab service.


This is not only unfair but it’s also actually illegal and unethical business practices. This is why laws were made that pharmacies cannot be located inside a doctor’s office. LabCorp is doing the same thing. They are severely limiting a patient’s options for lab work and increasing the costs while decreasing their care and effectiveness or performance. The patient is basically getting ripped off with higher prices and low quality results.

This is worthy of an antitrust investigation by the FTC as LabCorp is a huge nationwide business and is actively traded on the NYSE stockmarket (ticker symbol LH). They messed up my husbands bloodwork test results. They overcharge when compared to other similar lab testing companies (by over 50% in every case)! They are illegally located inside doctors offices across the country – this needs to be looked into by the FTC.

I already reported LabCorp to the FTC will they need more than one report to start an investigation. They need a pattern, so if you’ve been ripped off by LabCorp, and I’m sure there are thousands of you out there that have had this happen to you as I can read tons of complaints online about LabCorp, then please forward your complaint and especially addressing the fact that they’re located illegally inside of doctors and physicians offices so that the FTC can start an investigation and block LabCorp from ripping off patients and being located inside doctors offices (or in-house as it is commonly referred to as.)

If you need any proof as to how bad a company LabCorp is and its lack of for complete disregard of ethics then look at these links:

There is much news on LabCorp and their unethical and illegal business behavior – it dates back 20+ years and even after numerous multi-million dollar settlements they are still behaving in the same unethical and illegal manner – ripping off consumers left and right and even ripping off the government and Medicare and Medicaid!

When is the government going to say enough is enough and give this company, LabCorp, orders that it be dissolved? Their CEO is raking in millions of dollars – just read about it here! The CEO of LabCorp is actually making several times more then large hospital chain CEOs like that of CMS (Carolinas Medical Center and Presbyterian Hospital).

LabCorp should not be allowed to be in business anymore ripping off consumers like I and my husband and others. Lets all band together and report LabCorp so that the government will be forced to close them down. Here is the link to the FTC website for filing a complaint: FTC file complaint. You can also contact the FTC to file a complaint at:

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580
(202) 326-2222

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