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Lionel Little Lines Freight Set Review – this toy train Christmas present was a big hit with the kids!

The different sounds it makes when you power up the train Lionel Little Lines Freight Set Review - this toy train Christmas present was a big hit with the kids!
Lionel apparently makes great train sets for children that are a lot of fun.

Christmas Day was pretty hectic this year as there are a lot of gifts and presents that needed to be assembled and put together. The Lionel Little Lines Freight train set was no different. There were many parts to be put together and it took a little while as the directions were not the best I’ve ever seen, but in the end the result was a train set that to this day still wows my children.

The train track pieces are hard to snap together, but I guess it’s good in a way because that way at order for them to fall part with rough use from the children. And that’s a good thing because then mommy and daddy don’t have to go over there every few seconds to put the train tracks back together again.

Lionel Little Lines Freight train set review
Here is a picture of the train itself with all the included cars and the caboose. The remote control is behind the train.

Previous year I bought a HO train set for the kids and all that happened was the train tracks came apart and the connectors kept breaking. I heard more crying and complaining from the children about the train set being broken with the HO train set than I ever heard from any other Christmas or birthday present they had ever received.

Once the Lionel toy train set was assembled I had to install batteries in the remote control and then in the actual train itself. The remote control worked right off the bat and you could hear the different sounds it makes when the train powers up, comes to a stop or blows its horn (this is accomplished by just pressing the orange button right above where the thumb goes).

Lionel toy train set picture
Here is a picture of the entire train going up the ramp to the bridge.

The plastic train was another matter. I went through several sets of batteries trying to get the thing to run. No matter what I did it wouldn’t run right. It didn’t do anything. Then I took it apart and found that there was a sticker that indicated which way the batteries were supposed to go in and the sticker had somehow become lodged covering the battery contact on the inside. This is why nothing worked. Once I removed that sticker and replaced the batteries everything worked perfectly.

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So then I put the train on the track with all the pieces including the caboose and it worked great. It goes forward, in reverse and can even come to a stop. There is also a crane to remove the cargo boxes from the train and put them on a left and then you can lift it down the slide to put them back on the train. It’s not very complex and very easy to use for toddlers on up to five and six-year-olds.

Lionel toy freight train set review
Here is a picture of the entire train set after assembly with the remote control.

Ever since this Lionel Little Lines Freight Train set has been set up the kids have been playing with it nonstop. It is definitely one of their favorite Christmas presents this year. It’s cute, neat and a lot of fun. Even the eight year old likes it. Rarely do I find a Christmas present that all of the children from ages two to eight all like. This is one of those rare Christmas presents.

And if you’re looking for a toy train set as a Christmas or a birthday present then you definitely won’t go wrong with this Lionel toy train set.

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