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Loctite brush on super glue review – this stuff makes super glue so much easier to work with!

Loctite brush on super glue review
I bought this Loctite brush on super glue container for about $2 and found it to be the best money I've ever spent!

If you like to fix things or have a family with kids where things always seem to be getting broken, rather than throwing things away a product like super glue can be very handy. But there has always been a few definite downsides to using super glue. The first one of which is that it is messy.

Most super glue come in a small metallic tube they have to prick with a pin or something similar to open it up and then put the cap on top. Then you squeeze out the tube and the super glue comes out the tip. it is very hard to control how much comes out and is also creator chance or tendency for you to get some of the superglue on your skin of your fingers.

The second downside to most super glue containers is that they dry out quickly. There is air that gets trapped inside of the and this air will cause the super glue to dry out prematurely. I have seen this many times myself where I put a super glue container away after using it and a month later it’s hard as a rock and I can’t use it anymore.

I just recently found a new type of super glue by Loctite which has a different container and a brush on applicator for easy spreading. It is so much easier to use than previous types of super glue containers that I’ve used in the past. You just unscrew the container and take out the brush tip and apply it to whatever you want.

With the brush tip it’s very easy to be much more accurate on how much superglue you apply to something and exactly where you apply it to. Repairs that took a lot of time with the old super glue containers now take seconds to do with the new brush on super glue from Loctite. the container is also very easy to close up and put away for later use. You just twist the cap back on and turn it tight and then put it away.

I’ve also found that this container is air tight enough that it is just as usable several months later as it was when it was first opened – something the old super glue containers could not do. The old containers would have been dried out and rock hard and just needed to be thrown away – they were literally single use containers. So, whereas they were a tiny bit cheaper they really ended up being more expensive and much more wasteful.

I have since repaired numerous items including Yu-Gi-Oh toys, a Toy Story 3 doll, 2 pairs of designer sunglasses (the hinges broke off and the Loctite super glue made this repair a snap), radio buttons or controls and even a plastic trim molding piece on may car’s dashboard. The Loctite Brush On super glue is amazing and has since become a major part of my toolbox and tools that I use for fixing things around the house.

I must say the Loctite Brush on super glue is probably the best $2 I’ve ever spent.

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