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Logans Roadhouse Review – This place was overpriced for mediocre food and terrible service

I was not impressed with my experience at Logans Roadhouse

I had received a gift card to Logans Roadhouse for the holidays and finally got a round to using it. Since there aren’t any Logans Roadhouse locations near me I had to make specific plans to use the gift card at a location about 40 minutes away.

I had never been before and was curious as to what my experience would be like. I assumed it would be a bit redneck since it was roadhouse style restaurant, so I knew what I was getting myself into. However, I didn’t mind since I would be paying with my gift card.

When we pulled up it looked as if my assumptions were pretty accurate. There was country music blaring on the outside of the restaurant, and when we got inside there were bullhorns and Nascar stuff everywhere. Since I am not originally from the South I’m not really into any of that Nascar or redneck stuff here in the south.

We were seated after a 5 minute wait on the upstairs section of the restaurant. The server came over and introduced herself as she took our drink orders. She was very nice, and brought over some dinner rolls when she got back.

The rolls were okay in my opinion. The bread was a little dry so I had to slap a lot of butter on here to help reduce the dryness. I have high standards for diner bread or rolls since I am a frequent dinner at the Olive Garden which has fantastic bread sticks.

We looked over the menu and I decided to get the fried shrimp on the menu. I noticed that it was $16 so I figured it came with a heaping amount of shrimp. My date ordered large salad as her meal which was about $10. Our gift card was about $25 so we figured we would just have to pay for roughly the tip.

My meal came with a salad before the meal and it came about at a slowly paced 35 minutes later. When it arrived it was a very tired and stale salad. The lettuce leaves looked wilted, and the overall quality of it was very poor. I was hoping my meal would be better.

The service there was painfully slow. It took over an hour for us to receive our meals. It wasn’t like the place was packed either. I just didn’t understand what was taking so long. Regardless it finally came out and we were both ready to eat.

I was a bit disappointed with the meal I got though. I only got 6 pieces of shrimp, and some french fries to go along with it. This was definitely not what I was expecting. I would assume it came with more than 6! This was definitely not going to be enough fill me up. My date’s salad came and it looked pretty tired and stale too, like my pre dinner salad.

We were both very disappointed with our over all experience there. We felt that our meals were a bit over priced for the quality and quantity of our meals. If I ever came back I would most likely get a steak there since that is their forte. However I will not be in any rush to come back to Logans Roadhouse.

One thought on “Logans Roadhouse Review – This place was overpriced for mediocre food and terrible service

  1. Logan’s grilled filet mignon is extremely salty with way too much pepper. The taste of the filet mignon is obscured. When paying 16.00 per serving, the food was very poor. House wine is cheap. The hot yeast rolls are just that but nothing tasty. The salad was great, especially the bacon bits. Too much thick dressing on the salad. The loaded(very salty) baked potato tasted as if there was cinnamon in it, along with a yellowish tint(maybe not russet potatoes). Different and left me questioning. Six ounce filet mignon and I probably left at least 4 ounces. Couldn’t take it home to the pet due to the extreme salt. Will not return, and I was so disappointed. I wanted Logan’s to be good so I could have another favorite restaurant. It didn’t happen. So disappointed. The service was good, but we went in when it was slow so the waitress asked us how our food was at least 8 times.

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