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Lowe’s Whirlpool washer and dryer set – this set has been a nightmare ever since the warranty went out!

Lowe's Whirlpool washer and dryer set
I had previously bought a Whirlpool washer and dryer set from Lowe's Home Improvement stores. This was the worst appliance set I had ever owned and, of course, the warranty didn't cover anything!

A few years ago I bought a foreclosure house that didn’t have a washer and dryer in it.  so I ended up going to Lowe’s home improvement store and bought a nice matching Whirlpool brand washer and dryer set.  This set works in good until both the manufacturers and Lowe’s additional product warranty ran out.

I believe it was the month after both of the warranties ran out that one thing after another kept going wrong with these two appliances.  If it was in the washer then it was something was wrong with the dryer and vice versa.  it was annoying and increasingly expensive.  Especially when the washer motor blew.

That was when I finally had enough of having to call a repairman in the high prices to fix these two appliances.  It was getting ridiculous I think I spent more money on repairs than I had on the actual units or appliances.  And they only lasted realistically three and half years – that’s it.  I have owned numerous appliances in the past and never had one that didn’t last me 8 or 10 years without a problem.

These Whirlpool appliances were apparently not very well made and to make matters worse the additional extended warranty that I bought from Lowes for a bunch of money did nothing to help at all.  I decided that’s the last time again to buy a Whirlpool appliance and that’s the last time I’m buying an extended warranty from a company like lowe’s where it means nothing.

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I read up about these extended warranties later through Consumer Reports and another magazine called smart money and they both said that extended warranties on appliances are a complete waste of money.  they quoted that all the problems you will have will generally occur after the extended warranty is over.

And guess what happened in my case?  the problems happened right after the extended warranty and regular warranty coverage was over.  so I decided to get rid of these crappy whirlpool appliances and upgrade to something far better.  I went with the Bosch brand steam high efficiency washer and dryer set.

This pair was more expensive but I know from reading the Consumer Reports reviews on it that I bought a set in the last me at least 10 years.  Plus it’s got a save me upon on water usage and energy usage.  So over a ten-year period I will actually save money versus using something like the whirlpool appliances I was replacing.

I didn’t get my appliances through Lowe’s home improvement stores this time and instead got a better deal on my Bosch washer and dryer through HHGregg.

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