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Lowrance Mark 5X Pro fish finder review – this may be a low end fish finder, but it works great.

Lowrance Mark 5X Pro fish finder review
I bought a Lowrance sonar fish finder and the difference in catching big fish has been night and day - the thing is that awesome!

I am not by any means a professional fisherman, but I’ve been fishing for probably more than 20 years.  I’ve fished with all kinds of lures and for all kinds of fish.  My home stomping grounds are Lake Norman North Carolina.  and I’ve caught many fish over the years, but there’ve been more days that I’ve caught no fish than days that I’ve caught fish.

So when I went in to Bass Pro shops a few months ago and happened upon their counter full of fish finders I was really intrigued.  If these things could really use sonar imaging to point out exactly where the fish are this would definitely make my fishing much more enjoyable and I would obviously catch more fish.

I’m sure there’ve probably been days and many of those where I’ve fished in an area where there were no fish.  the problem is I did know that and there was no way for me to know that.  Now with one of these sonar devices I won’t know exactly where the fish are.  That would be a great help.  Besides one of these fish finders that would put me more on par with the other local pros in the fishing contests that they have.

Now, I noticed that the fish finders ranged in price from around $60 on up to $3000.  that’s a huge price swing in these things and I didn’t have the money to go and plunk down for 3000 $2000 top model.  So I ended up going with a model that was just about $200 – the Lowrance Mark 5X Pro.  I like the way that this model could distinguish between different sized fish.

Being able to distinguish between small fish and big fish is very important to me because I’m one of those fishermen only likes to catch fish that weigh 15 pounds plus.  I am not interested in catching 1 pound or half pound bluegills and crappies.  I like to catch large mouth bass, striped bass and other large sized trophy fighting freshwater fish.

One thing I really liked about the Lowrance Mark 5x pro was the fact that there was only a few buttons that I had to use and it was very easy to use with a very small learning curve.  My father had a Lowrance from many years back and the thing was archaic and had tons of buttons and was almost impossible to use correctly.  This Lowrance fish finder that I had bought at Bass Pro Shops was awesome as it was so easy to use.

the first day I went fishing in my boat I found that the side that I preferred of the two islands by the nuclear power plant had very few and small tiny little fish around it.  So I putter around and I found on the opposite side of the island little farther off,  about 400 feet out, was an underwater ledge or there were a bunch of larger fish in the nearby vicinity.

So I stuck to fishing that new area that I had never thought of fishing before and guess what happened?  I caught four large fish within the first hour.  I I will always remember that day as I caught a striped bass (it was around 20 lbs.), a large mouthed bass (that if I remember correctly was around 7 lbs.) and two small mouthed bass.

And it just kept getting better that day.   Ever since I bought this Lowrance Mark 5X pro sonar fish finder my fishing has become much more enjoyable and rewarding.  Since I have bought the fishfinder I have not had a day on the lake where I did not catch several good-sized fish.  I love this fish finder and wish I had gotten one like it years ago.

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