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Macados Restaurant Review – this place has pretty good sandwiches and a ridiculous variety of choices

I had a great time eating at Macado's.


It was lunch time and I was in the Concord Mills area of Charlotte NC and decided to stop by the mall to grab something to eat there. There was a place called Macados that looked like a good low key place to grab a quick bite so I decided to give it a try.

I had never been before so I had no idea what to expect. I was greeted by a smiling face and was seated right away. There wasn’t much of a crowd so it seemed like a pretty quiet atmosphere. I placed my drink order took a look around the restaurant.

I noticed it had some pretty interesting decor around the place. There was a giant fake tree in the center with some stuff hanging off of it. A mounted moose head on the side of the wall. As a whole it looked like kind of a funk place. However, I didn’t mind that it was so different.




I looked over the menu and I was impressed with the selection they had. It was almost overwhelming how many different things they had on the menu. I decided to go with the “honey” mooner” sandwich which was a ham sandwich with cheese on a croissant.

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My sandwich was delicious and it was definitely a nice change of pace from any other sandwich shop. My sandwich came with a bag of chips and the whole thing was more than enough to fill me up. I must say the service was very good too. They were friendly and the food came out pretty fast.

I would definitely come here again. The prices weren’t too bad. I got out of there for about 10 bucks tip included which isn’t bad when you sit down for lunch. I enjoyed my meal but maybe next time I’ll try one of their many different sandwiches they have to offer.

3 thoughts on “Macados Restaurant Review – this place has pretty good sandwiches and a ridiculous variety of choices

  1. My boyfriend introduced me to this place and I LOVED it! I enjoy going there and now it’s even more convinient considering there’s another one opening up just across UNCC’s campus on University City Blvd (in plaza with harris teeter). Such a cool/neat place to go to, and an AWESOME atmosphere!

  2. DO NOT go to the one in UNCC. I don’t know if it’s because it just opened, but it was horrible. 31 dollars for 2 tiny little DRY sandwiches…sweet tea that WAS NOT sweet…my friend got chips with his sandwich, and it was a vending machine style bag of Ruffles. I got coleslaw with mine, and no silverware. When I asked for silverware to eat my coleslaw with, I got a spoon…which I had to restrain myself from throwing back at my server. She then told me that they didn’t have clean forks, and the place WAS EMPTY. take my advice DO NOT EAT THERE!

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